ADVENTURE  and  AdvEditor

ADVENTURE GAME EXECUTABLE (1.33 MB zipped). Download this if you just want to play the game.

 GAME MAKER SOURCE FILE (704 KB zipped). Download this if you want to edit the file in Game Maker.

ADV-EDITOR .EXE- edits and creates files for Adventure. (832 KB zipped). Add-on: not necessary for game use.

This page is dedicated to my ongoing effort to create a clone of the Atari 2600 game, Adventure.  The game is being programmed using Game Maker, by Mark Overmars.  What started as a simple clone of the Atari original has expanded into a near-clone of Craig Pell's Indenture for DOS, which was, itself, an Adventure port.  Most of the rooms and objects from Indenture can be found in games 4 and 5 of my file, although I have made some alterations.  The so-called "fried mazes" have been omitted - I thought they were a fantastic concept, but neither wanted to recreate them nor play through them in my own version.  Also, the whistle object has been replaced with a shield object, inspired by DaveTron 5000's Adventure clone.  Both of these alternate versions of Adventure can be found at the link I have provided, above.

The game features several built-in "cheat" functions, screen captures, hard-coded saved games, and a user-editable save system.

Once you start the game, instructions are available by striking the F1 key.

The various "easter eggs" from Adventure (and Indenture, when I am aware of them) have also been recreated.  With the single exception of the "slow ending music" easter egg.  Rather than burden the game with an extra sound file just to support this trick, I have left it out.  I don't think it was actually an "easter egg" in the original, actually, but a bug....  :)

The saved games are in .ini format, and must be stored in the game directory in order to access them.  They can be opened in any text editor and altered to create a ready-made Adventure scenario of your choosing.  I have included rough instructions on how to alter the .ini's for this purpose.  There are also saved games stored in the .exe file.  Pressing "A" or "B" when a "2" or a "4" is shown on the startselect screen will open these files.

I hope you enjoy this game.  Please let me know if you find any bugs or issues.  (The fact that I have turned an efficient 4KB Atari game into a 7MB monster doesn't count.)   :)

I have used Game Maker 5.2 in preparing these files.  The GMD file is available, above.  I do not know how well it will work in 5.3 or 6.0.

AdvEditor is a file editor and room-building utility for the Adventure game.  It is still in development, but is stable and seems to have few bugs.  At this time room layout and color can be changed, but roomchange settings and the locations of certain game elements (castle locations, blob maze locations, etc.) are still hard-coded.  A saved game can be edited, using AdvEditor, or created from scratch.  It has a simple, mouse-operated, drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG-kinda interface.  Give it a try.  It's a fun expansion for the game.  In my unbiased opinion....  :)

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Adventure screen caps

AdvEditor saved game editing

AdvEditor room layout editing

Current version is V2-69B.   Posted on 9/17/05.

Page updated on 9/17/05.

If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is in the readme for any of the downloads.  It isn't posted on this page because of those whaddayacall e-mail harvesting bots that collect addresses for the spammers, y'know.