TDMT Morph Transfer
That Darned Morph Thing

(Site updated 10-11-11)

 TDMT is a PoserPython script set which allows transfer of morphs between actors with incompatible geometries.

Script maintained by Cage.
Developed by Cage and Spanki (Spanki and Cage), with contributions by odf.
Ray-casting functions by Spanki.
Web space provided by phantom3D.

Some of these scripts can utilize Spanki's _tdmt.pyd for greater speed.
The .pyd will not work on Poser versions less than 7.0, or on the Mac OS, or on Poser versions greater than 8.
All scripts will work without the .pyd.

The scripts in this set are no longer being actively developed, but they have been updated for use with Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012, as of 10-11-11.
The _tdmt.pyd is no longer being updated and is not compatible with the version of Python used by P9 or PPro2012.  
The .pyd should not be installed for Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012! 

TDMT Scripts - These are the core scripts in the TDMT tool set.
Feel free to edit the scripts or use them however you like. 
If you improve upon the scripts somehow, or have suggestions for improvements, we will happily consider integrating your changes, with appropriate credit.
File: Date Modified: Description: Updated 10-11-11 The comparison script.  -  A script which can generate new .vmf/.vmz comparison data files. Updated 10-11-11 The transfer script.  -  You actually only need this and the .vmf/.vmz files, to transfer morphs. Updated 3-27-10  The .vmf Editor script.  -  A tool to hand-edit, merge, or compress/decompress the script's .vmf and .vmz data files. Updated 10-11-11 The Restore Detail Script.  -  A morph cleanup tool. Updated 10-11-11 The Morph Trimmer script.  -  A tool to modify or clean up morphs. Updated 10-11-11 Zip file includes comparison script and vmf editor script.  Also includes pose and .pmd files to recreate Cage's initial comparison between Vicky 1 (or 2) and Antonia 121/122. Updated 10-11-11 Zip file includes transfer script with .vmf files for Vicky 1(or 2) and Antonia 121/122 transfers.  Also includes Restore Detail script and Morph Trimmer script.

TDMT Tutorials
TDMT is going through a transitional phase.  New tutorials will be added if and when the project stabilizes.

TDMT Correlation Data Files (.vmf/.vmz)
If you have created a correlation data file for TDMT, we'd like to host it!
Contact Cage via e-mail or at
Creator credit will be listed with the data file on this site.
File: Date Modified: Comparison for (figures and actors): Credits: Added 3-2-10 Victoria 3 and Antonia 121/122 (head only)
Includes .vmz data files for V3 to Antonia and Antonia to V3.
Includes shape transfer setup pose for V3 to Antonia.
Comparison by Cage. Added 3-12-10 Project Human Female and Antonia 121/122 (head only)
Includes .vmf data file for PHF to Antonia.
 Comparison by jancory. Added 3-16-10 Victoria 2 (or 1) and Antonia 121/122 (head only)
Includes .vmz data files for V2 to Antonia and Antonia to V2.
Includes shape transfer setup pose for V2 to Antonia.
Comparison by Cage.

TDMT Universal Transfer Shapes
(Transfer shape not yet determined.)

The original TDMT thread in the Renderosity PoserPython forum can be found here.

Here is the more recent development thread from the Renderosity Poser forum.

Important: Any morphs which this script derives from copyrighted morphs or shapes should not be shared

If you have any problems, questions, or comments contact or member Cage at


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