The Peedy Adventures

 In 2007, a series of nonsense exchanges in various threads at a Bat-66 forum gave rise to a short run of cartoons. 
This page presents all of the adventures of Peedy, Edmond, and friends as they battle the power of evil Zod and his minions, the Mods.

The series was created over a short period in September of 2007, before being cut short when the cartoonist suffered a rotten head cold
and was never able to recapture the mood of the material.  A few people actually liked this stuff, at the time, so here it is, for posterity & stuff.

For those just joining our story, here's a primer:
 Edmond is Barbara Gordon's neighbor and also Cage's Bat-fiction Mary Sue.
 Cartoon Cage is Edmond's Evil Twin. 
Charlie Parrot is Barbara's pet.
Peedy is Charlie's Evil Twin.
This cartoon realm contains talking animals.
Edmond is secretly Tremendo-Edmond, a super-powered hero!
Inverto-Edmond is the enemy of Tremendo-Edmond.
Zod is somehow Absolute Imperator of this realm.  He's a jerk.
Team Batgirl is a super-hero group consisting of Batgirl alternates, led by the real Batgirl.
There really is such a thing as parrot sweaters.

Edmond's first appearances

Harley Quinn has captured Batgirl and Edmond, in a dastardly Valentine's Day trap.  Gasp!
Introducing Bucky Beaver, the Furry Universe version of Batgirl.
Batgirl and Supergirl fight over Edmond's attentions, preventing him from saving the day as Tremendo-Edmond!  Edmond begins to wear Jughead's beanie here.  This cover was Edmond's idea.  First mention of Tremendo-Edmond, but he does not actually apear.
The marriage of Edmond and Batgirl!  This cover was Edmond's idea.

The Free Peedy strips

Cage is in trouble with the Mods because he's been criticizing Zod, who has Peedy captive in the Phantom Zone.  It actually made some kind of sense at the time.  Really!

The Peedy Adventures

Evil Zod and Vile Inverto-Edmond have teamed up, with a dastarly scheme to transform Charlie the parrot into a mutant rat-bird!  First appearances of Tremendo-Edmond and his foe, Inverto-Edmond!
The first meeting of Team Batgirl, an assemblage of all the alternate Batgirls, led by the genuine article.  Their mission: rescue Peedy.  But they're having some trouble getting around to it.
Many things are happening!  Plots thicken, thoughts plicken, and so on.
Peedy has unexpectedly developed a political career, by popular demand.  Tweety interviews him on Hardbird.  Spot the misspelling and win.
It was noted that Barbara's apartment seems to contain an unusual number of telephones.
Team Batgirl meets Edmond.  Peedy faces the dire threat of the parrot sweater.  Cliffhanger!
Meanwhile, Bucky Beaver has been captured by the Penguin, but it's the wrong one.
Two members of Team Batgirl get to have a fight scene!  Again, it made some kind of sense, at the time.
The Joker's Donuts is interrupted, so we can explain the difference between Cage and Edmond.
Life is strange on Bizarro World, and our story is made stranger when Bizarro Batgirl suddenly enters the mix!  Craziness!
Edmond, meanwhile, has been sent to the Phantom Zone accidentally, in the place of Cage.  Tremendo-Edmond!
Our various sub-plots progress, simultaneously.
Team Batgirl meets Bizarro Batgirl!  This means trouble!
Twist!  The gang is accidentally rescued from Bizarro Batgirl by all of the telephones in Barbara's apartment!  No one saw that coming!  No one thought it amusing, either.
Peedy's political advertisements lead to the meeting of Comic Book Guy, Fred Hembeck, and Tremendo-Edmond.
With the threat of Bizarro Batgirl resolved, a new plot begins.  But... we never find out how it ends!  Ack!
The series goes out with a whimper.  The cartoonist has lost it, apparently never to recover it, whatever 'it' actually is.  Alas.
Special Bonus: Inverto-Edmond animated!

Location schematics

Barbara Gordon's apartment, #8A.
Floor eight of Barbara's apartment building.
The bedroom of apartment 8B, based on episode 95.
Charlie the parrot's birdcage.
Charlie's birdcage, part 2.