Adventure in 3D

Programmed using Dark Basic Professional
Windows only - requires DirectX


2D game view.


3D game view.

 - 2D and 2D/3D quad view modes.
 - Easter egg for Atari original.
 - Saved games.
 - Full adaptation of DOS Indenture
 - Adaptation of DaveTron 5000 Adventure for C++
 - Black and white mode.
 - Pause.
 - Save screen shot of game.
 - Customizable rooms with level editor.
 - Support for extra bats and/or dragons.
 - Cheat functions.
 - Dark Basic Pro source code included (requires Matrix1 and Sparky collision plugins.)
Download game (2.81 MB zipped) - uploaded 3-14-10


Level Editor for DBP Adventure


The Level Editor is still WIP.  Room editing and saving is enabled.
Dark Basic Pro source code is included.
(Source requires BlueGUI plugin.)
Download Level Editor (2.23 MB) - uploaded 3-14-10

Random Level Generator


An implementation of a random level generator in DBP.  Doesn't actually do
much, but you can wander around a bit.

Download Random Level Generator (2.54 MB) - uploaded 3-14-10

Adventure links:

Links to various adaptations, including DOS Indenture.
DaveTron 5000's adaptation.
Cage Drei's Game Maker adaptation.