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Batgirl and Barbara Gordon for Poser 5 and greater.

These characters require Vicky 1 or 2 from DAZ, as well as the Vicky 1 (or 2) clothing pack.  The cape and dress require Poser (version 5 or greater) to be able to use the clothroom functions.  Poser Pro Pack or greater is required to be able to use the Python scripts found on this page.  None of these items have been tested in Daz Studio.  The Python and cloth elements probably won't work in D|S.

Some items on this page require decoding using RTEncoder (, which can be found in the FreeStuff at

The files available below include everything seen in these two images (and more).

Barbara Gordon in her apartment bedroom
(Click for larger image)

From left to right: 1967 TV Batgirl, 90's TV cartoon Batgirl, classic 1970's Silver Age (Bronze Age?) Batgirl, All Star Batgirl (Alex Ross design)
(Click for larger image) - 3.37 MB Uploaded 8/18/07 This is the base Vicky 1 .cr2.  It features customized joint parameters and includes custom morphs for the Barbara/Batgirl characters.  Zip includes the head texture for the character. - 2.22 MB Uploaded 8/18/07 This is the catsuit for the Batgirl characters.

Requires the Vicky 1 (or 2) clothing set (for catsuit) and Poser's P4 Nude Woman (from which the glove geometries are derived).  Some components require RTEncoder - 375 KB Uploaded 8/18/07 Combination conforming/clothroom cape for Batgirl.  This version is designed to work as two-sided cloth, using the Python script included in the zip. - 469 KB Uploaded 8/18/07 This is a conforming hair figure for the Batgirl characters.  Textures included. - 1.12 MB Uploaded 8/18/07 This zip includes Batgirl's mask and belt, as well as a 3D Batgirl logo. - 597 KB Uploaded 8/18/07 This zip contains Barbara Gordon's combination conforming/clothroom dress figure, as well as her hair and glasses props.

The dress requires the Vicky 1 (or 2) clothing set, to use the high heeled shoes as the dress figure's feet. - 219 KB Uploaded 8/18/07 This zip contains the character (and Python) files to load the four versions of Batgirl, as well as Barbara.  It also contains a variety of utility poses, including all of the MAT and MOR files to vary the Batgirl suit styles. - 1.11 MB Uploaded 8/12/07 Poser adaptation of Barbara Gordon's bedroom, as seen in the 1967 season of Batman. - 1.98 MB
Uploaded 8/18/07

Revised 8/19/07

Geometry insertion pose example using an increased resolution hip for Vicky 1 or 2.

Learn more about geom insertion poses in this Renderosity thread (thanks to lesbently for his assistance in developing the process).

The high-res hip geometry will need to be decoded using RTEncoder - 556 KB
Uploaded 8/18/07 A low resolution Batgirl figure for Blender, derived from the MakeHuman mesh, fully textured and rigged.  Designed for export to .md5 format for use in game development.  Includes a Blender Python pose utility and an edited copy of der_ton's .md5 export script. - 521 KB
Uploaded 11/2/07 A low-resolution bird (intended to be a parrot) with birdcage and stand.  These are designed to resemble elements associated with Barbara Gordon's pet parrot, Charlie, from the Batman TV show.  They are (hopefully) scaled for use with the Barbara apartment set (above).  All of these are low-res (lo mesh) items which may be best suited for background use in an image, and not at all well-suited for closeups.  Charlie, according to Yvonne Craig, was a Mexican Green parrot.  I was unable to find suitable reference material for that species, however, so this bird may not actually resemble a real parrot in any meaningful fashion.

This parrot can double for "Peedy", Charlie's evil twin, as seen in the Peedy Saga comic strips (see link, below). - 4.94 MB
Uploaded 11/2/07 A test-run for a Batgirl 3D game I had hoped to create.  This uses the Batgirl Blender model (seen above) in .md5 format.  The game itself was created using Game Maker (by Mark Overmars) and its Xception 3D/X3D plugin for 3D game development.  The models for the environment were included with the free X3D package.  Basic game instructions are in the readme.

This really doesn't do much, and is just a fun excuse to see the Batgirl .md5 model in action....

Windows only (sorry), unless it can be made to run under Mac or Linux using a Windows emulator (I haven't tested it for that).

Game Maker development files available on request.


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The following are a few links to the 1966 Batman Message Board, leading to threads which feature some of Cage's work which relates to the items shown on this page (to some extent).

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Batgirl is the copyrighted property of DC Comics/AOL-Time-Warner.  The versions of the character seen on this page are fan tributes.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments, I can be reached at Cagedrei<at>