Vicky 1 and 2 characters

Download Cage_Vicky_Figures.txt (Master readme for all Vicky files on this page.)

Many of these figures have a non-standard setup and also use readScript and Python.  The above readme will (hopefully) clarify all of this.  You may need it to make these things work....

RTEncoder and Objaction Mover can be downloaded at Renderosity, in the Free Stuff, under Poser Utilities. 

All of the Vicky files make use of a PoserPython and readScript process which will convert the downloaded figure to standard Vicky 1 or 2 use.  Please see the "master readme" (above) for details. 

MultiVic for Vicky 1
NEW! Updated 10-30-05

A customized V1 character with new joint parameters, added face and body morphs, an expressions library, and a face texture or two.  Required for full use of any of the Vicky characters on this page.

Requires: Vicky 1 or 2 by DAZ (3.09 MB) (1.14 MB) (1.18 MB Includes all hair textures) (75.3 KB Necessary for Python conversion process)

Batgirl characters for Vicky1 MultiVic
NEW! Updated 11-01-05
Four versions of Batgirl: Yvonne Craig TV, Alex Ross poster, 90's Batman Adventures, Silver Age comic.  The set includes a conforming suit with built-in gloves and boots, a combination conforming/clothroom cape, and a conforming hairfigure with EasyPose posing and a "gravity" system, which uses Point At.  A geom-swapping 3-in-1 belt, a mask with quite a few shaping morphs, and a large libray of MATMOR files are also included.  Also includes a 3D Batgirl logo, in the style of the logo seen in the 1967 TV pilot episode.

Requires: P4 Female Catsuit, P4 NudeWoman


File Dependencies:,,, (1.88 MB.  Includes cape) (3.11 MB) (416 KB)

RTEncoder required to decode OBJ files.

ElectraWoman and DynaGirl for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 10-31-05
Everyone's favorite Spandex Duo.  Characters based on the Vicky 1 catsuit.  Both characters included, with props and textures.  Gloves and boots are built into the suit.  Electracomps, capes, belts, and ElectraWoman and DynaGirl 3D logos are included.

Requires: P4 NudeWoman, P4 Woman's boots, Vicky 1 catsuit

File Dependencies:,,,,, (2.15 MB)

RTEncoder required to decode OBJ files.

Catwoman characters for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 10-30-05
Two versions of Catwoman: a Julie Newmar/Lee Meriwether/Eartha Kitt version and a 90's comic version.  Uses the Batgirl suit. Includes belt, necklace, mask, and cat ear props.  Includes  geom-swapping claws on the gloves.  TV version uses the MultiHair (below).  Comic version uses the Batgirl hair and mask and the EZ Pose Cat Tail (also below). 

It has come to my attention that the comic version is not really accurate.  Oh, well.

File Dependencies:,,,,,,,, ( 283 KB)

Wonder Woman character for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 11-01-05
Season 1 TV version Wonder Woman, with a completely new suit mesh and textures.  The suit is a conforming figure, but the suit bottom is clothroom cloth.  The headband and wristlets are built into the suit.  This figure uses the MultiHair, which is available below.

File Dependencies:,,,, (840 KB)

Supergirl character for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 11-01-05
Silver Age-style Supergirl, for those who revile the Crisis on Infinite Earths and all it stood for.  :)  Uses the EWDG suit and props.  Also uses the MultiHair (below).  Includes belt prop and skirt prop with pre-set clothroom settings.

File Dependencies:,,,,, (176 KB)

Hawkgirl character for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 10-30-05
Hawkgirl uses the ERCJP Wingset and the EWDG suit.  Mace prop and hawk mask included.  Uses the Batgirl hair (available above).

File Dependencies:,,,,,, (435 KB)

Hair Figures

MultiHair for Vicky 1 MultiVic
New! Updated 10-31-05
A six-in-one conforming hair figure for MultiVic.  Uses geom insertion poses to switch geometry as well as materials.  Includes hair for Catwoman, ElectraWoman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.  Figure setup uses a Point At "gravity" system, like the other hairsets on this site.  My hair geometries and textures are probably a bit limited for the tastes of some.  The basic figure may be extensible for use with any static hair prop.  See the "master readme" (above) for more information.

File Dependencies:, (958 KB)

Dynagirl Hair for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 11-01-05
Conforming hair figure which uses ERC, body handles, and Point At to create gravity effects and facilitate posing.  I'm not sure whether these are supposed to be called "dog ears" or "puppy tails", or what, but I'm told they aren't pigtails.  So I've named them for the character who wears them.  These are intended for use with the MultiVic Dynagirl character, but a Python cr2 is included which will convert them for standard Vicky 1 or 2 use.  Current version has been updated to allow EZPose poses to be saved to the the pose library (see the "master readme" at the top of this page for details). 

File Dependencies:, (171 KB)

EasyPose Pigtails for Vicky 1 or 2
Updated!  9-22-05
EasyPose conforming pigtails for Vicky 1 or 2.  These use Point At to fake gravity and aid posing, like the other hairsets on this site.  Current version has been updated to allow EZPose poses to be saved to the the pose library (see the "master readme" at the top of this page for details).   A Python .cr2, to convert this hair for use with MultiVic, is included with the Diapergirl download, below.

File Dependencies: NONE (1.28 MB)


Diaper Figures

Conforming/Clothroom Diaper Figure for V1 MultiVic (includes P4 infant version)
New! Posted 10-19-05
A combination conforming/clothroom garment designed for use with MultiVic.  This download includes a Python script cr2 which will automatically convert the diaper for use with the P4 demon baby!  Does Creepy Clown stand a chance against his dreaded nemesis re-clad?  Or something....  Includes versions for MultiVic, Vicky 1 or 2, and demon baby.

File Dependencies:, (936 KB)

"Adult Baby" (ABY) Suit for V1 MultiVic
New! Posted 10-19-05
A slightly clownish, somewhat bizarre combination conforming garment and clothroom garment, designed for MultiVic.  The suit is an all-new mesh.  Rubber booties, plastic pants, and a rubber bikini top.  The suit bottom can swap morphs with the suit bottom from the Wonder Woman suit.  Includes Python script cr2 to automatically convert for use with standard Vicky1 or 2.  Includes two simple textures.  Also includes a pacifier prop on a string, a rubber baby bonnet for Vicky, and a bib.  Whacky, eh?

File Dependencies:, (1.15 MB)

Diapergirl character for V1 MultiVic
New! Updated 10-30-05
What happens when MultiVic dons the diaper, ABY suit, and pigtail hair.  Diapergirl is a goofy Batgirl villainess, maybe.  One day you'll read about her at the Batgirl Bat-Trap, if you follow such things.  Consider that a warning.  :)  The "adult baby" props and garments were created for this character.  A Python script .cr2 is included which will automatically convert the pigtail hair for use with MultiVic. 

File Dependencies:,,,,,, (186 KB)

Other Figures

EasyPose Cat Tail figure for Poser
New! Posted 10-19-05
A simple cat-tail figure which uses the EasyPose posing system.  This is used by the comic version of Catwoman, available above.  This EasyPose figure has not been configured to allow poses to be saved to the pose library.

File Dependencies: NONE (40.9 KB)

"ERC-JP Wingset" Poseable Wings for Poser
Updated! 9-22-05
Poseable set of wings which uses ERC and body handles to provide flexible, if not necessarily intuitive, posing.  The feathers still "scrunch and stretch", but, hey: they're free wings!  :)  Some free textures for these are avaible at Renderosity.  (Mine aren't so hot, unfortunately.)  Current version is updated to allow ERC poses to be saved to the pose library!

File Dependencies: NONE (762 KB)


Teddy Bear Poseable Figure for Poser
New! Posted 10-19-05
A vaguely creepy poseable teddy bear for Poser.  The fur looks halfway decent with displacement rendering.  The eyes take Vicky 1 eye textures.  This file will look for one of the head textures posted with MultiVic, for its eye materials.

File Dependencies: (853 KB)

Slugly the Poseable Slug for Poser
New! Posted 10-19-05
Why did I make a poseable slug for Poser, you ask?  I'm not sure, myself, but you can have a copy if you want it.  Uses all procedural texturing.  Has some simple ERC linking to create an easy "slithering" effect.  Provide your own slime.

File Dependencies: NONE (115 KB)

Comic Book props for Poser
New and updated, 10-19-05
An Adam West Batman mask and belt and a Killer Moth helmet and cocoon gun.  Killer Moth was the Silver Age "Underworld Batman", and the closest thing Batgirl had to a nemesis of her own, in the late 70's.  The helmet and gun are as seen on the cover of Batman Family # 10, and probably nowhere else.  The Batman mask and belt require no textures.  Details are built into the mesh, although the mesh may be a bit low res for some.

File Dependencies: NONE (280 KB)

"This Bag Is Not A Toy" for Poser
New! 10-19-05
A conforming plastic bag for V1 MultiVic.  Built-in hair, designed for use with the Batgirl character.  May be useful to someone as a cloth hood or something, perhaps.  The bag has a wide range of inflate and deflate morphs and includes two warning textures.   Suitable for scenes of dire peril.

File Dependencies: (for hair) (0.97 MB)

Flaming Carrot for Poser
Posted 10-15-2003
A Poser version of the cult favorite 80's comic book mysteryman.  Ut!  Based on the P4NudeMan and his clothes. Includes a poseable mask with carrot texture.  Procedural P5 fire shader.  Sorry, no nuclear-powered super pogo.  :(

Requirements: P4 male geometries (ship with all versions of Poser 4+)

File Dependencies: NONE (1.51 MB)

Objaction Mover required to decode OBJ file.

Microtron for Poser
Posted 10-15-2003
Yes, this is a Micronaut!  Microtron is based on the 1977 Mego toy, on which the Marvel Comics character was also based.  The figure has parented magnets which enable working rubberized tank treads.  This was my first model in Wings 3D.  (Funny: I had Nendo for two years before Wings came along, but I couldn't do a thing with it.  Somehow Wings clicked for me.  Yeah, yeah, whaddayoo care, right?)  :)

File Dependencies: NONE

Games and Utilities

File Compression Utility for Poser Files
Posted 9-23-05
Compresses and de-compresses Poser files.  Programmed in Python.  Adaptation of Tromnek's edit of the compression scripts included with Poser 5.  Can be used with other G-zipped files, as well.  I use it for Paint Shop Pro and Game Maker backups.

The PoserPython script version, below, can be run within Poser.

(There is another file compression utility for Poser called Poser Compressor, by Dimension 3D.  It is available in the Renderosity FreeStuff and is generally more accessible, flexible, and efficient than this one.  It is also a much smaller download.  The program seen here allows some additional flexibility with a recursive file search, which is currently the only benefit not offered by the D3D file.  Generally, I recommend Dimension 3D's program.)

.exe version (2.75 MB Compiled with Py2Exe)
PoserPython .py version (39 KB)
Python 2.4 .py version (39 KB)

Looks-Like-Adventure for Game Maker
Updated 9-17-05
Click thumbnail for more information! Adaptation of the old 1978 Atari 2600 game, programmed using Game Maker 5.2.  Expanded to include (most of) Indenture, the old DOS adaptation of Adventure.  A level editor is also available.  Thoroughly de-bugged and loaded with "cheat" options.

Windows Only.

More information here.

Game Maker official site
Game Maker Forums

Batgirl, Batman, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Killer Moth, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman are all the copyrighted property of DC Comics

ElectraWoman and DynaGirl are the copyrighted property of Sid and Marty Krofft Productions

Flaming Carrot is the copyrighted property of Bob Burden

Microtron may or may not still be copyrighted by Mego

The Poser adaptations of these characters are posted as a fan tribute.  No profit or intent to malign is involved, just geeky fanboy fun.

Adventure is the copyrighted property of Atari

The Game Maker Adventure adaptation is also intended as a fan tribute.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments, I can be reached at  (Remove the # sign.)