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A Guide to Using the QuickDress - Part 1
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• Introduction

The QuickDress is a mesh in OBJ format designed to ease the making of dresses and skirts. It's based on the QuickSuit by Thip, and is distributed with his permission.

The QuickDress isn't a ready-made piece of clothing, although you can use it as dynamic cloth in Poser's Cloth Room (version 5 and upwards). You're supposed to use it as a short-cut to modelling dresses for DAZ's Victoria 3, and this page will give brief instructions on how to do that.

• What You Need

You'll need a few things to be able to use the QuickDress:
• Every Step You Take

These are the basic steps that are outlined in this guide:
  1. Initial Shaping - the QuickDress can be shaped within Poser, using its built-in morphs, and / or the Poser magnets and deformers. If you would rather use a 3D modeller, this step can be skipped; go straight on to:
  2. Cutting the Cloth - here, you cut away the bits you don't need, and if necessary add the bits you do. Shaping can be done here as well.
  3. What to do Next - you now have a mesh. What you do next depends on which version of Poser you have. In Poser 5 (or more), you can use the cloth room to make the mesh into dynamic clothing; in any version, you can make conforming clothing.
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