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Scale Modelling with the Construction Props

Showing how to use the Construction Props to make a simple chair within Poser. Includes the download link for the props themselves.

Scale of Models in Poser

Poser originally had no scale to associate its models with real-world units: and now there are at least three scale systems vying for supremacy. This article attempts to explain the background, and contains a table giving the height of popular Poser figures according to the different scales.

It is fairly technical in nature, and there are no pictures - at least, until I get around to providing some. 8)

OBJ Fidelity Tests

If you make or modify Poser content, whether for yourself or others, you probably spend some time shifting OBJ format files back and forth between modellers and other utilities; probably hoping as you do so that the mesh isn't getting too mangled in the process.

I decided to see what existing applications were doing to a 3D model file that passed through their "hands".

Since this tutorial delves into the workings of OBJ files, it is of necessity fairly technical - and it isn't really a tutorial as such, but I have nowhere better to put it.

How to UV map clothing

Describing my current method of UV mapping clothing models for use in Poser, using RoadKill and UVMapper (either version).

Texturing for Beginners by Heidi [Acrobat PDF, 219KB]

Scope: Texturing and use of transparency, texture and bump maps using the P4 Womanís turtleneck that came with Poser 4.

Almost everyone would like to be able to create or customize their own textures. This tutorial will go over the basics involved in putting together a texture for Poser. It assumes minimal working knowledge of the required applications.

Texture Mapping for Beginners by Heidi [Acrobat PDF, 1.24MB]

Scope: Re-mapping object files, import and export of UVís, saving new object files.

This tutorial is meant to take up where Texturing for Beginners (above) left off. It is recommended that you at least read through that tutorial before proceeding with this one.

Post Production Make Over by Heidi [Acrobat PDF, 893KB]


- The alpha channel (export from Poser and use as mask)

- Getting rid of that white masking line

- Use of layer blending mode

- Use of filters

Creating Realistic Poses by Heidi [Acrobat PDF, 208KB]

How many times have you seen a really super image and although you couldn't quite put your finger on it, there was just something that wasn't quite right about it? The answer probably had to do with the pose...

Rendering Alternative Display Modes by Heidi [Acrobat PDF, 674KB]

...the default for Poserís render engine is set to render the Texture Shaded display mode. So what do you do if you want to render one of the other display modes (Wireframe, Cartoon, etc.)? Thatís what this little mini-tutorial is going to cover.

Distorting a model to improve the UV mapping - a technique to improve the mapping of awkward shapes

QuickDress User Guide - how to use the Victoria 3 QuickDress

Bare Bones Cloth Room Tutorial - getting started in Poser 5's cloth room

Morphography's Minimalist Magnet Method - Poser's magnets explained

An Introduction to Conforming Clothing - get started making your own clothing

Tiling texture maps in Poser - how to re-map to save space

The Great Bump Map Disaster - why Poser 4 gets bump maps wrong, and what to do about it

Assigning materials to body parts - simple tights/pantyhose

Text file hacking for fun and profit - which includes:

Poser file disposition guide - the downloader's friend

Undoubtedly useful utilities - what you need, and where to get it
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