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Stripping a pose file
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This is what to do to make a pose file that affects only a limited part(s) of the body and leaves the rest alone. Think of face files, which affect only the figure's head: you can do the same trick with any body part or parts.

First make your pose, of course, and save it into the library. Make the view as good as possible, to get a good thumbnail, because you can't re-save these poses back into the library later. If you do, all your good work will be undone.

Now find your .PZ2 file - for guidance, see the File Disposition Guide. Then open it up in your chosen text editor.

You'll see that there are a series of "actor" lines, one for each body part, each followed by a section in brackets. To exclude that body part from your pose file, highlight the actor line and everything including the opening and closing brackets. Having an opening bracket without its corresponding closing bracket, or vice versa, is A Bad Thing and will cause Poser to do nasty stuff.

I've missed out a lot of stuff in between (that's what the foggy bit is) so you can see the two ends together. Notice that there are a lot of brackets nested together, so you really need to take care to match them up. Poser makes it easier by stacking the matching brackets above one another as you can see here.

Now delete that actor section. In this case, that means that the hip's pose will now be unaffected by this pose file.

Repeat the above for all the body actors you want to remove, and save the file. Just remember what I said about not overwriting the library while you're in Poser, because it will automatically put all the body parts back in.

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