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Assigning materials to body parts
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This is a little trick of mine which I use to apply tights (aka pantyhose) to Posette's and Victoria's legs. (Posette is the community's nickname for the default Poser woman.) There are sure to be other applications.

One way to do this is to apply a texture map, which has the legs coloured in the shade you want. But what happens if you change your mind, and want a different colour? You have to prepare a new texture map. Textures also take up valuable memory.

Or you could apply a tights/pantyhose clothing item, which could be coloured right there in Poser with the paintpot tool. But how well would they fit? You know what I'm talking about here. This also takes up resources which may be in short supply if you don't have lots of memory.

This tutorial will tell you how to assign a model's body part or parts to a new material, so you can choose a colour for it independently and at will.

What's the catch? The joins between body parts are often jagged, so this only works when the join is not going to be visible.

• What you need

UVmapper. That's all.

• What to do
  1. Open UVmapper, and load the base .OBJ model of the figure you want to change. This will be somewhere in the Geometries folder. If you don't know where, open up the figure's .CR2 file as described in Pointing to a different .OBJ file and look at the figureResFile line.
  2. Now call up Select by Group from the Edit menu, or Ctrl-G. From the group list, select all the parts that you want to assign to your new material. You can select multiple groups by holding the Ctrl key as you click. In my case, I want to select lFoot, lShin, lThigh, lToe, rFoot, rShin, rThigh, and rToe. For Vicki and Eve, you'll probably want to add lButtock and rButtock. For all figures, you may also want to add the hip. When you're doing tights, including the hip stops joins being visible with a short skirt; however if the midriff is bare, some of the hip material may be visible above the skirt's waistband. You may prefer to make the hip separately coloured.
  3. You should see your chosen body parts selected now in UVmapper. Go to Assign to Material from the Edit menu, and enter a new material. I use "legs", but you can call it what you want. In some cases, you may want to use the name of an existing material, so the two will change in unison.
  4. While in UVmapper, you may want to take care of any other materials. In this example, you will probably want to change the Toenail material to "legs" as well.
  5. Unless you're feeling insanely confident, and probably not even then, don't save the .OBJ file back over itself. Pick a new name - you'll want to continue to use the un-split figure.
  6. Now follow the instructions in Pointing to a different .OBJ file to make a new version of the figure's .CR2 file which points to the re-assigned .OBJ. Save that under a new name, too.
  7. In Poser, open up the new figure which will have the famous "shrugging man" icon. The body part that you re-assigned will be coloured in some random, and almost certainly vile colour. Choose a new colour before you're sick, and change the highlight as well. You'll probably want a black highlight as the default, although a slight sheen works well on tights.
  8. Save the figure back into the Characters library, to over-write itself. This will also generate a new thumbnail icon for you.

That's it... get posing!

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