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(A Whole Lotta Switchin' Goin' On)
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Here are some more details on the original (geometry switched) version of KEZ, which are designed to help you get the best out of this unique figure.

KEZ needs Poser 7 or later. She will not work in earlier versions of Poser, nor will she work in DAZ|Studio.

KEZ is based on Kirwyn's original "K" figure. Although there have been many small modifications done to the figure, the real change is in the use of complete geometry switching to apply clothing sets. He has also added some virtually invisible geometry to apply other accessories as well, resulting in a figure that is simple, fast, and fun to use.

The Genitalia switch located in Poser's Figure menu must be unchecked for the figure to work properly.

KEZ is loaded with all her morphs. Except for hair, clothing, and other accessories, all her morphs are either located in the Body or in the Head.

She is also loaded with two sets of hair. One hair set is on and the other is off. Switch between them, or turn them off via an off/on switch located at the end of the Body Parts palette. The "Hair_Long" also has some additional movement morphs.

KEZ is custom rigged, and thus has her own unique joint settings. She will not accept other figure poses without making adjustments. She performs poorly for extreme bending poses, but quite often, these can be improved on by fine-tuning the adjustment arms in the Joint Editor.

As mentioned above, some of the materials have generic names: Mat_01 thru Mat_20. To edit these materials will simply require the use of the Material Room's eyedropper. No doubt, many of KEZ's material settings will not be to your taste, so feel free to make changes as you see fit. All transparency and bump mats have been preset to 1.0 for use in Poser Pro 2010.

KEZ's Outfits

Load KEZ from the Figure Library and then go to KEZ Wardrobe, located in the Pose Library, and load the posed outfit/character of choice (see picture). As you switch from outfit to outfit, textures are not retained in memory because of generic rather than specific file naming. There is never any need to conform the clothing or any of the accessories because they are unified with the base figure. Never again make the mistake of having the wrong figure selected when applying a pose preset.

Although "poke-thru" is not entirely eliminated, it is considerably lessened because portions of the figure's geometry are often subtracted when adding the clothing geometry. This has an added benefit of keeping the geometry size somewhat constant. The main downside to this method is probably the lack of versatility in clothing sets, however I think that this is offset by its speed, ease of use, and other factors mentioned above.

Some of the clothing outfits are items that Kirwyn had done previously for V4. They have been modified to fit KEZ and are super-conforming to many of KEZ's morphs. Some of the clothing has additional movement morphs and their location will be identified in the instructions.

Accessories such as jewelry and other items may be loaded with some outfits as well. Again, just like the hair, they are unified with the base figure and will show up in the Body Part's palette. They can be switched off or on, and many can be manipulated with their translation dials as well.


Long Hair morphs are applied. Adjust as needed. A necklace and earrings will show up in the body parts palette and can be turned off/on.


No special instructions.


The helmet can be turned off. The lasers, left and right, can be turned on/off. Access them in the body parts palette.


Necklace can be turned off/on.


Necklace can be turned off/on. Long Hair morphs are applied. Adjust as needed.


Hat, necklace, tin star, can be turned off/on. Gun in holster can be turned off/on. Gun in right hand can be turned off/on. Holster can be adjusted if needed. Note that if the hat is removed, the "Hat Morph" located in "Hair_Long" will need adjustment.


Earrings can be turned off/on.


Rosebud can be turned off/on.


Trident can be turned off/on. Morphs for the tail are located in hip.


Long Hair morphs applied. Adjust as needed.


Earrings, shades, necklace can be turned off/on.


Morphs for the skirt are located in the Hip.


Shades can be turned off/on.


No special instructions.

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