Attention all visitors!

Hi all! This announcement is to let you all know that I don't plan to renew the hosting account for Morphography when it comes up for renewal in December.

I do plan to continue to register the domain name, meaning that I can point it to some less well-specified free hosting if I choose, and also retain my e-mail address. Nothing is set in stone yet on that score.

First of all, in the words of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, DON'T PANIC. I'm not leaving the CGI community, I'm not throwing my toys out of the pram through discouragement or disillusionment, and nor am I dying (at least, no faster than anyone else is).

I took this decision because Morphography costs me money, and doesn't make me any in return. More importantly, I don't use it for its intended purpose any longer. I haven't uploaded anything other than minor page updates for over two years. The links page is gradually being whittled away by attrition; I'm removing dead links a lot faster than I'm adding new ones. I think the heyday of the personal download site was over some time ago.

Anything made by me can be redistributed freely, but bear in mind that the things I'm hosting for other people may not carry the same freedoms. Check the readme files, and if in doubt, contact the author if that's possible. I hereby grant permission to reproduce my tutorials and artwork at other locations, as long as you identify me as the author, and pass on the same terms to others. However please try to avoid bringing the site to its knees with a download frenzy since that would help nobody. I'll still be around after it closes, and if there was something you wanted, I can make it available one way or another.

Kind regards,

English Bob


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