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The Poser File Disposition Guide, Part 1
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So you've downloaded some cool free stuff. At least, you suspect it might be cool, but you have no idea where to put the files so that everything pops up in the Poser library. This is where Morphography shows you how.

First things first. This tutorial will apply only to Windows PCs - for the Mac, MartinC has done the work for you. Get his Poser Macinstaller from here, and off you go. I'll also be assuming that you're reasonably conversant with Windows, Windows Explorer, folders, and Zip files.

• Poser Folder Structure

The first thing to grasp is the folder structure that Poser uses, and the file types within it. You can't just put your files anywhere you choose, unfortunately. Here's a typical Poser folder and some of its sub-directories:

Yours may be different: later versions start under Curious Labs instead of MetaCreations, and of course yours will probably say Poser4.

The important folders are the one entitled Geometries and the one entitled libraries. Every Poser installation will have these, and this is where most of your downloads will end up.

I haven't expanded the Geometries folder because there are a goshzillion sub-folders under there already, and this is only going to get worse. :-)

The libraries folder, on the other hand, has a standard set of sub-folders. You've probably noticed that these agree with the categories that you see in the Poser object library. Each category folder contains one or more sub-folders with the actual files in it, named the same as the library item.

In addition, Poser 3 and Poser 4 will have a small .rsr file for each item. This holds the thumbnail picture and is not essential - if it's missing you get the famous "shrugging man" icon instead. It can easily be regenerated by re-saving the item back into the library using the same name.

Poser Pro Pack uses .png (Portable Network Graphics) files as its thumbnails. This is a standardised graphic file format which can be edited externally if your paint program can handle it.

Items which create an actual 3D object (character, hair and props files) may either contain the geometry within themselves, or reference an external mesh file in .obj format. This is usually kept in one of those Geometry sub-folders, but can be anywhere within the Poser folder structure.

• Types of Download

Now with that basic information, the next thing to find out is what type your download is. It could be one of these:

If you don't know what sort you have, go to what sort of file is it?

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