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Downloads are offered for free use in your work, either commercial or hobby. Non-commercial redistribution is usually allowed, unless somebody else's work is included. If in doubt, see the readme file which is included in every Zip; or ask me.

You may use the promotional images and thumbnails as long as you tell people how to obtain the item in question; preferably associated with a link to the item's download page (not the direct dl.php link which may not work when placed elsewhere).


Conforming and dynamic clothes with textures.


Transmapped hair and textures.


General props for scene setting etc.

Modelling props

Morphing props for modelling within Poser.


Basic meshes - a starting point for clothes modelling.


Morphing props - a starting point for dress modelling.


Other useful stuff to make life easier.


Texture, bump and transparency maps for third party items.


Digital photographs and scans for backgrounds and texture making.

Morphs and Faces

Characters, faces and things to shape them.

Scott Ayers

Dinosaurs and other models hosted for Scott Ayers.


Fantasy vehicles and sci-fi creatures hosted for Catamaran.


Textures, clothing conversions, clothing tools and other goodies hosted for Fyrespiryt.

Kirwyn's Korner

Freebies hosted for Kirwyn, including KOZ and KEZ, original weight mapped figures.

WooYah Freebies by Heidi

Hosted by courtesy of Heidi, these props were originally made available at the WooYah forum, now sadly demised. Most have a seasonal/party nature, so get celebrating!

Cage Page

A brief index page for Cage's Morphography-hosted material.

Posette's Archive

Various downloads for the older Poser 3 and 4 women, colloquially known as Posette. Rather than chuck the old stuff out altogether, I've collected it here for the benefit of Posette's fans (and there are many!).

• Morphography • Downloads •