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This is a prop package containing three versions of the same sash window. The first version (Sash Window.pp2) is a simple morphing window - the upper and lower sashes may be opened independently.

The outer and inner walls have separate material zones, and a texture map is included for the outer brickwork, together with a template should you wish to make your own - but be warned, getting brick textures aligned may be harder than you think!

The brick and concrete textures are derived from material obtained from Mayang's Free Texture Library, used within the terms of their (very generous) licence.

Bump maps for Poser 4, and for Pro Pack upwards are available separately. The prop doesn't call for them by default because of the compatibility difficulties that can cause. The Poser 4 bump map has been pre-converted for your convenience, and corrected as described here.

The second version (Broken Window.pp2) of the window opens slightly differently:- the sliding morphs are replaced by a 'break' morph. But it has identical material zones, and takes exactly the same textures.

The final version, Multi Window.pp2, is more complex - I suppose you could call it Broken Window Professional. Instead of a single prop with a morph, you get all the broken pieces as separate props grouped in a single file. This means you can animate the path of each one individually, strew the debris on the ground, or whatever you want. On the down side, bear in mind that there are fourteen bits of broken frame, and fifty-five shards of glass to position manually, so you won't want to use this for a quick storyboard. As before, the same materials and textures are used, so you can freely swap between the three versions depending on what the situation requires.


Prop Download: (570 KB)
3 PP2s, thumbnails in PNG and RSR format, wall texture (JPEG) and template.

Poser 4 Bump Map: (1.2 MB)
Bump map for Poser 4, in BUM format.

Pro Pack Bump Map: (276 KB)
Bump map for Poser Pro Pack, Poser 5 or later, in JPG format. Although it can also be used as a displacement map in Poser 5 or 6, it will take some fiddling to prevent the corners of the window recess breaking (use a math node to subtract 1 from the map value).

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