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The Versatile Top
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Basic Download
A V neck sleeveless top for the P3 / P4 woman, Victoria 2 P4, and any other Posette compatible figure. This was made by separating out the business woman's shirt which is not otherwise available as a stand-alone garment. It is conforming in Poser 4, and can also be used as posable clothing in Poser 3. There are four materials for versatile colouring.

Objaction mover is required; full instructions are included. (662KB)
There are morphs on the hip part to help it fit over other clothes, and to make it longer...
...or you can make the hip part invisible for a short version...
...or add side slits.
There is a chest morph to change from V to rounded neck. A single polygon at the point of the neckline can be coloured separately, or made transparent as seen here. The chest part also has the standard Posette chest morphs applied.
Feel free to make your own textures using the template provided in the basic Zip file; I can host here, or link to your site if you prefer. I've made a simple one to kick things off. This is .JPG format; to see the textures full size, just click on the link or the thumbnail. When the image finishes loading, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." or whatever the equivalent is in your browser. Right clicking won't work.
This is free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell it or try to pass it off as your own work.
A simple rose pattern for the hip.

versatop_roses.jpg (25KB)
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