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About the QuickDresses

These are morphing props, each scaled and fitted to a particular Poser figure, and intended as a starting point for modelling dresses and skirts for that figure. You are assumed to have some modelling skill, but maybe lack the time or the expertise to fit a new, original mesh to a figure; and since it's been done for you, why should you bother?

They are not clothes in themselves - although you could use them to make dynamic long dresses if you wanted.

The meshes are based on the QuickSuit by Thip, and are distributed with his permission. They're royalty free. As far as I'm concerned, whatever you make with a QuickDress is yours to do with as you wish: give it away, sell it, whatever you like. Credit is not required, nor is permission.

The meshes are not a copy of any figure's mesh, and I am confident that they doesn't infringe any terms of use; but obviously I can't give any absolute guarantees about that. A QuickDress is generally regarded as a derivative of the underlying figure, and you should respect the figure's terms of use regarding that; if in doubt about what you want to do, you should contact the makers of the relevant figure.

In particular, it would be sensible not to distribute anything that competes with an existing product.

Also available are the QuickSuits, which are better suited to making trousers / pants etc. - and some lend themselves to making boots or shoes as well.

User Guide

Once you've got your QuickDress, you might like to read the QuickDress User Guide, which leads on to a basic get-you-started cloth room tutorial. Both were written around the original V3 QuickDress, but the principles are the same.


QuickDress for the DAZ Aiko 3 figure. Includes an additional morph to match A3's Realistic body shape. (254KB)

QuickDress for odf's free Antonia figure. (227KB)

QuickDress for the Smith Micro G2 female figures. Poser 7 Sydney, Jessi G2 and Olivia share the same body shape and can all wear clothing made with this QuickDress. (238KB)

QuickDress for the Poser 5 Judy figure. (241KB)

QuickDress for Kirwyn's K and KEZ figures. (261KB)

QuickDress for the Smith Micro Miki 2 figure. (270KB)

QuickDress for the open source Project Human Female. This was made by janimatrix, and includes textures which will work on the other QuickDresses provided you don't change the UV mapping. (2.5MB)

QuickDress for the DAZ Stephanie 3 Petite figure. (241KB)

QuickDress for the DAZ Victoria 3 figure. This is an updated version of the original, with more morphs. (273KB)

QuickDress for the DAZ Victoria 4 figure. (242KB)

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