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Various useful things to make your Poser life more productive. These are hosted here by permission of their creators - either in the readme file, or by direct e-mail. Please respect their terms of use.

You may also be interested in my Undoubtedly Useful Utilities page, which has many links to off-site items that I've found worthy of mention. Most are free, but I've included paid-for items that I use myself.

Morph Manager 4 by Paul "Mr. X" Mason

An invaluable tool which enables you to transfer morph targets between similar figures, rename and delete them.

You can read a copy of the help file here for more information - it's included in the zip.

QUICK TIP: Morph Manager tends to inflate files it processes (tab characters are replaced by spaces). Open the item in Poser and save it back into the library to fix this.

And finally, a warning - don't use Morph Manager to change morph dial names, because it won't do anything; and especially not if external (PMD) morphs are in use, because they won't work afterwards.

MorphMan40.zip (327KB)


Magno-Target replaces the geometry of Poser's magnet base - normally a plain oblong shape - with a "cross hair". This makes it easier to precisely position the magnet base, which is important when using rotation since the centre of the magnet base determines the centre of rotation.

Since installation requires replacing one of Poser's own geometry files, it is more complex than usual; but don't worry, a detailed PDF manual is included. It has pictures and stuff.

For those that remember it - although the name is (intentionally) similar to traveler's old Targo-Magnet, I couldn't find a copy of that when I wanted it, which is why I recreated this from scratch.

magnotarget.zip (164KB)

CR2 Editor 1.51 by John Stallings

An excellent alternative to a text editor for editing Poser files - it will handle all the library files, not just CR2s. The various sections are presented in a hierarchical form, so it's easier to see the structure, and impossible to mismatch brackets.

This is version 1.51, which is the last known good release; you can find version 1.52 in some places, but it has a bug which causes corruption to saved files.

Be aware that it won't handle everything - Aiko 3 crashed it for me, for example. John seems to no longer be involved in Poser, so updates aren't likely.

Cr2Editor151.zip (224KB)

Animator's Frame Counter by Learner

A useful frame tracking tool for animation building. PZ3 file contains 999 frames.

Count.zip (30KB)

Morphography > Downloads > Utilities