Toasty Sweater
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Here's a long, polo-necked sweater for DAZ's Victoria 3 figure, to help keep her warm in winter. If you prefer skimp-wear it could make a nifty minidress, too. There are three versions to cater for long sleeves, pushed-up sleeves and rolled up sleeves as shown in the picture. Be sure to read the readme file to make the best of Toasty's features, especially the bonus utilities (see below).

The belt prop is included, smart propped to the selected figure's hip.


The figure in the preview is V3 Reduced Resolution with the Mayte texture by Vali, and Flo Hair by me and Heidi; the jeans are a second skin from Lisa Buckalew's Jeans and Tops set (I don't think that's on sale any longer).

Download: (8.1MB)


I've also included a handful of utilities - Python scripts and poses - which may be useful to anybody still using generation 3 figures.

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