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Dinosaur and other models made by Scott Ayers, shared with his generous permission.

Real Prehistoric Creatures

Apatosaurus (466KB)
Daisy (Baby Chasmosaur) (386KB)
Iguanadon (500KB)
Poser Rex (787KB)
Pteranadon (600KB)
Parasaur (843KB)
Styracosaurus (846KB)
Ankylosaurus (519KB)
Liopleurodon (339KB)
Triceratops (550KB)
Allosaurus (496KB)
Plesiosaur (1.21MB)
Fictional Monsters

'70s Godzilla (960KB)
Gabera (835KB)
Ghidorah (607KB)
G95_594 (2.01MB)
Godzilla: Final Wars (1.34MB)
Scott A's notes on this model:

"It's a combination of the Gino CGI design with the saurian look of the Toho rubber suit versions. The kind of thing I was hoping to see in G98. I did use that old Delgado concept as the basis for this. But with a few changes. Someone sent Ricardo Delgado some of my W.I.P. on it and he said he liked it a lot. So I named it a Delgadosaurus in his honor." (1.12MB)
Cartoon Creatures etc.

Odie (1.11MB)
Speed Buggy (593KB)
Puppy (977KB)
Ghost (169KB)
Cow (361KB)
PosaBear (704KB)
Roadrunner (812KB)
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