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Sandy Blouse for Victoria 3
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A vaguely vintage styled blouse with puffy sleeves to fit DAZ's Victoria 3 figure.

The blouse has morphs to tuck into the Jean, Jeanette or Minnie skirts (as shown here), or to allow it to fit over the top of them. It also includes joint controlled morphs to match some of Victoria's, a first for me; but I'd advise you not to bend the collar joints too far down as there's a risk of breakthrough beyond about 10-15 degrees.

A further feature is that the arm groups are cut so that you can easily shorten the sleeves. Make half sleeves simply by making the forearms invisible; or short sleeves by making forearms and shoulders invisible. No need for transmaps cluttering up your runtime, and no MAT poses to lose.

Note: the collar is made with back-facing polygons, so it will look odd in the preview, but will render fine in the Poser 4 renderer. For FireFly renders: in Poser 6, check the Normals_Forward box in the material room to avoid darkening; for Poser 5, there's a workaround described in Stewer's FireFly/Material Room FAQ.

As ever, the blouse was modelled using my V3 QuickDress, and thanks are due to Thip for the QuickSuit upon which it was based.
Other items used in the render: Figure texture - Maddie by TLC; Sassy Hair from DAZ; Jean Skirt from this site, including the pinstripe texture.
My thanks to all!

Download: (582 KB)

CR2, OBJ, thumbnails in PNG and RSR format, combined JPG button texture and template.

Textures by Katastrophe
Sixteen textures with MAT poses for DAZ and Poser, made by Katastrophe, are hosted at Sharecg.
Textures by SilverWyvern
Eight textures with MAT poses, made by SilverWyvern, are hosted at Sharecg.
Texture by Carolyn McComas
A texture and bump map made by Carolyn McComas (aka Ratmomma), with thanks, is now hosted here. (67KB)
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