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Seven Segment Display

A morphing prop representing a single digit seven segment electronic display. Obviously it can be repeated to create a multi-digit display such as a clock or evil genius' count-down timer. :-)

There are poses which set the digits 0-9, so you won't have to know which segment is which (they're named a to g in accordance with the normal practice), and also MAT poses and material files to set the segment colour. Note that the MAT poses may not work in Poser versions above 4, but you can of course use the material files.

I've set the lit-up segments to use the ambient channel, but if you have the ability to use an object as a light source then that should give more realistic effects. (78KB)

Morphing Ripples

A plane with morphs intended to simulate circular ripples. It looks strange when animated, but works fine for still images.

Updated August 2013 to add more morphs. (511KB)

Morphing Mattress

A mattress prop with various morphs, mostly intended to give the impression (pun intended) of the surface being squashed by someone sitting or lying on it.

A filthy, disgusting texture is included suitable for use in any kidnapper's lair / drug abuser's squat / doss-house / etc...

Updated January 2014 to add MAT files, including a reference grid for the morphs. (470KB)

Morphing Bunting (string of flags)

A morphing string of bunting consisting of 24 flags, suitable for church fetes, used car lots, forum flames and celebrations of all kinds.

Each flag has its own material zone so they can be individually coloured to suit your own taste (or lack of it). There are morphs to adjust the amount of sag in the string, and to simulate wind force.

Some material files are provided:

  • A set of individual characters which will work in Poser 5 or later; use them to make your own messages.
  • Rainbow colours, a default all-white, and a few prefabricated messages which will work in Poser 6 or later. (350KB)

Tower Crane

Spacebones' tower crane model, rigged to operate in Poser. Click on the thumbnail, or follow this link to read more, and download the crane.

Paperback Blockbuster Novel

A paperback book. UPDATED April 2010 - now includes morphs to close the book, in "as new" condition or dog-eared.

Special thanks to Patsy Adams for providing the text which features on the page textures. There's an annotated template so you can make your own if you wish.

Daninsky did just that, and has posted additional textures at ShareCG - thanks! (872KB)

Basic Backdrop Box

A very simple three sided box for use as a room, backdrop or just as a replacement for the Poser floor.

Each of the walls, the floor and the edges of the floor are separate materials, so you can apply different textures to each, or make the bits you don't want transparent. The walls and floor are UV mapped to fill the map area, which means you can use just about any general purpose texture map. There are plenty of floors and walls available for free download all over the web - consult my links page for help.

There are now morphs for the height of each wall. Set the dial to 1.000 to make the wall square, so it will take square textures directly; or to 0.500 to take 4:3 ratio photos such as you commonly get from a digital camera. Or, set a wall's morph to -1.000 to make it disappear entirely - a useful alternative to transparency for getting the visibility you need in your scene. (4.3KB)

And also:

A set of add-on props for the Basic Box, kindly provided by George "Techromancer" Gibson. The Zip contains a coffered ceiling, and half-height wall panels (one for each wall). The props are UV mapped, but no textures are included - any general purpose wood texture should do the job. (36KB)

Poseable Toon OS Folder

A folder, based on the icon in your favourite operating system.

It's poseable, and sized to suit the Paper Pile prop (see further down the page). See an animation using these props at this link (animated GIF, 245x250, 178KB). (32KB)

Morphing Picture Frame

A picture frame, morphable for width and height, frame weight, and picture area.

Any borderless image file can be applied - no special preparation or texture map making is required. The frame can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your chosen image. You could also make a mirror by using reflective materials in Poser 5 and up.

Any general purpose wood texture may be used for the frame. Preferably the grain should run vertically on the image you use.

NOTE: the wood grain texture and photo shown here are not included - but it's easy to use your own. (26KB)

Morphing Windows

A set of window props - one is unbroken, and may be opened in the usual way. The others are breakable (as shown here by our stunt-dork). Click on the thumbnail, or follow this link to read more, or download the window.

Paper Pile

A pile of 10 sheets of paper, for making a mess of your Poser people's desks.

Complete with a meaningless management babble texture, using words kindly provided by Wheelchair.

Several morph targets are provided, to make the paper have varying degrees of messiness. (415KB)

Mary - a '60s Chain Belt

A chain belt, smart propped to Stephanie, but will fit other characters with a little scaling or positioning.

The thumbnail render uses the "GoldRefl.pct" reflection map that comes with Poser 4; this isn't included in the zip, you will need to apply it yourself. (236KB)

The Amazing Morphing Sandwich

A sandwich for when your Poser people get hungry. Complete with morphs for thickness and "bite", a photorealistic texture (made by scanning real bread), bump map and template. (397KB)

Paint Brush

A brush for your Poser artist to do self referential paradoxes with. With a morph to make the bristles bend, and separately assignable material for the tip to simulate paint. Texture and template included. (61KB)


A simple lipstick prop for Posette to change her lip materials with. With a morph to make the stick pop up. (24KB)

Belt Buckle

A belt buckle to fit the morphing band, provided separately so you can scale to fit different characters. (85KB)

Two Belts

Two belts; one has separately colourable belt loops included for garments which don't have them. There is also a morph to make the loose end flop around a bit. (163KB)

Carving Knife

A carving knife, complete with clean and rusty textures. (218KB)

Railway Track

A length of railway track; Poser ready prop and texture map. (612KB)

Tunnel or Cave

A hollow D-shaped pipe which can be used as the basis of a tunnel, subway or sewer. Morphs are provided for bumpiness (separately controllable for floor and roof), stalagtites, a gully, two rectangular cross-section ditches and platforms such as may be found in a tube (subway, metro) station. (122KB)

Office Stuff

A set of three simple props for an office scene: A waste bin, in tray and box file. Note that because they are single sided meshes, the in tray and waste bin will look a bit odd while you're posing them - but they will render ok, trust me :-) (161KB)

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