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Posh Dress for Victoria 3
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A slinky backless dress with a mid-calf skirt to fit DAZ's Victoria 3 figure.

This features "semi-dynamic" technology; or should that be "semi-conforming"? Either way, the top is conforming, and the skirt is dynamic, so you can have the best of both worlds. The top doesn't fall off, and the skirt will drape realistically over any reasonable leg pose. This approach also makes the cloth simulation faster, since the whole dress doesn't have to be included in the calculations. However, it does mean that this dress is only suitable for Poser 5 or higher.

For instructions on how to use it, see the brief User Manual.
This dress was modelled using my V3 QuickDress, and thanks are due to Thip for the QuickSuit upon which it was based.

Thanks are also due to Pat of P. Ann's Place, and SilverWyvern, who made some excellent textures for the dress. Scroll down the page to see them.
Other items used in the render:
Figure texture - Gina by lululee;
Las Vegas hair by Jim Burton;
shoes from the DAZ Victoria 3 High Heels set;
"rear view" pose by IslandGirl Designs.


Download: (315KB)

CR2, OBJ, PNG thumbnail, GIF texture template; also includes some simple materials in MT5 format for use in the material room.

Textures by AnnaXLA1
Ten textures made by AnnaXLA1 are hosted at DeviantArt.
Textures by SilverWyvern
Nine textures with MAT poses, made by SilverWyvern, are hosted at Sharecg.
Textures by Pat

A collection of textures by Pat, complete with MAT files.
The textures are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.

Textures 6, 7 and 8 have the same transparency map with them, but all the others are different. Try mixing and matching the textures and transmaps for even more variations.

Deep blue texture and a lacy transparency. (397KB)
Ice cream texture and a lacy transparency. (456KB)
Cool blue texture and a lacy transparency. (460KB)
Mysterious purple texture, sheer transparency on the top. (225KB)
Sparkling sequins on the bodice, with a subtle transparent fade at the hem. (143KB)
Olive green texture with a plunging latticed transparency. (352KB)
Jade green texture with a plunging latticed transparency. (358KB)
Velvety black texture with a plunging latticed transparency. (341KB)
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