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Posh Dress for Vicki
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A revealing backless dress for DAZ's Victoria 1 and 2.

With thanks to Thip for the Quicksuit which was used to make part of the mesh, and to Heidi for doing the UV mapping, and the texture and transparency maps.

Note that the skirt does not conform to any leg movements in the base figure. It can be posed in two ways, or using a combination of the two:
  1. Using morphs in the hip part, which gives a more realistic appearance than conforming skirts in 'difficult' poses like sitting and walking. However poses which don't have a corresponding morph can be difficult.
  2. Using 'body handles'. These are body parts which don't conform, but can be posed by hand to move parts of the clothing independently. The Posh Dress for Vicki has a body handle called Skirt which has dials for Walk, Sway and Sit - as well as fitting dials xFit, zFit and Length. The handle is easy to select since it appears as a "hazy" area below the hem; but it doesn't show up when you render because it's 100% transparent.
Basic Download
CR2 and OBJ; thumbnails in RSR and PNG format; and GIF texture template. (331KB)

Textures by SilverWyvern
Twelve textures with MAT poses, made by SilverWyvern, are hosted at Sharecg.
Textures by Heidi
A collection of textures by Heidi. I haven't made MAT files because I respect your Pose folder too much, and don't want to push it over the edge. :) The textures are easy to apply by hand anyway.
The files are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.
Luxurious blue silk, with a lacy panel at the front. Texture plus transparency. (170KB)
This is as demure as it gets - but still not suitable for visiting elderly relatives. :-) Texture only. (92.4KB)
A dress with knitted bodice; texture plus transparency. (101KB)
Fine ribbons decorated with pearls - texture and transparency. (78.6KB)
Leather and leopardskin - down, boy! (108KB)
Heidi says: "The devil made me do it! I just sort of got carried away with the transmap." (81.3KB)
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