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Blouse or Jacket by Heidi
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CR2 Download
A morphed version of the polo shirt from DAZ's Victoria clothing pack 1, which you must own to make it work since only the CR2 (figure) file is provided. There are morphs to make billowing sleeves and a large collar, and for added versatility transparency maps are available to make a jacket or low-cut top.

Heidi made this using Poser's magnets during the Della skirt project, and has generously made it available here. (93.7KB)
A collection of textures and transparencies. These are .JPG format; to see the textures full size, just click on the link or the thumbnail. When the image finishes loading, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." or whatever the equivalent is in your browser. Right clicking won't work.
These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.
A transparency which gives a lacy effect to the sleeves, removes the collar, and remodels the neckline. Colour is set via the normal material colour palette.

vpolo_chamise_trans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 485KB)
A transparency to make a short jacket, with an optional texture.

vpolo_floraljacket.jpg (2000 x 2000, 435KB)
vpolo_jacket_trans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 33.5KB)
A transparency to make a lacy version of the short jacket. Suitable for attending a friend's wedding.

vpolo_lacyjacket_trans (2000 x 2000, 705KB)
A transparency to make a low cut gypsy style blouse, with an optional texture; you can of course apply a solid colour instead. Not suitable for attending a friend's wedding unless you intend to throw the groom across your saddle and ride off into the sunset. :-)

vpolo_lowcut_color.jpg (2000 x 2000, 48.1KB)
vpolo_lowcut_trans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 34.2KB)
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