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Nancy Boots
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These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do...
Named after Nancy Sinatra, these were produced because I wanted a straightforward pair of everyday boots - not boots for superheroes, fantasy warrior queens, or fetish mistresses. There's no shortage of those.

With thanks to Thip for the QuickSuit meshes which were used to create them, and to FlyerX for permission to post the shoe pack here.

These boots come as "uppers" only, to which you are supposed to add the soles of your choice using FlyerX's Victoria Shoe Pack. You shouldn't need to hide the figure's feet as you do with the standard Poser 4 women's boots, because they conform to the default position of the feet. There are two versions - one to fit Victoria 1, Victoria 2 and Stephanie; and one to fit Victoria 3.

There are two materials, Leather and Tops. You can set the tops to a contrasting colour if you want; or, for a shorter pair of boots, set the Tops material to 100% transparent. With 17 possible soles, and 2 lengths, I make that... ooh... 34 different styles.


For Victoria 1, Victoria 2, or Stephanie: (71.9KB)
For Victoria 3: (64KB)

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