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Aino by Eowyn

A character for DAZ's original Stephanie figure hosted with the permission of, and with thanks to Eowyn. The character package may be used commercially. Hair and clothing are not included; the textures are available separately via the link below.

NOTE that this is for the original Stephanie (no longer available) - not Stephanie Petite 3 or 4. (2.23MB)
The textures for Aino - these may not be used commercially. (2.74MB)
Magnets for fitting clothing to the complete Aino character. (448KB)
Various Faces
Click the thumbnail to see a larger preview.
A variety of faces for DAZ figures. You'll need the right figure for the faces to work on. Note that hair and textures are not included - these are not full character sets. Clockwise from top left:-
  • Hayley comes in two versions - one for the Pre-Teen Millenium Girl from DAZ, one a bit more grown up for Victoria 2. I actually made the pose using the low resolution V2 figure, but I believe it should work just as well on the full version.
  • Hazel is designed for Stephanie 1 (not the new Stephanie 3 Petite), and had her origins in Eowyn's Aino character.
  • Helen is for DAZ's Victoria 3; you'll need the facial morph pack in addition to make her work. As for other version 3 figures, use the INJ pose to apply her, and the REM pose to revert to the stock V3. (124KB)
Male Chauvinist Pig Morphs by Learner
Give your P3 or P4 Nude Male a pig nose and ears with these Morphs. (265KB)
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