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Minnie Skirt
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A denim mini-skirt for DAZ's Victoria 3, based on the Jeanette Skirt, but even shorter. Yes, I know it's a corny name: I'm a corny person, really. Deep down inside. :)

The skirt conforms to the figure's hip and abdomen, but not to the legs. You can control it in two ways, both of which may be combined:

1: Pre-computed cloth morphs in the hip are calculated using Poser 5's cloth room, to drape over a selection of standardised leg poses. Remember: you don't need Poser 5 or 6, I've done the dynamic cloth work already. The leg poses I used can be downloaded further down this page.

2: A "body handle" which controls the skirt. When you open Minnie in Poser, you'll see a green 'S' which is the handle - select it and try the dials. The 'S' is really transparent, so it won't show up in your render.

Other items used in the render: Wild Tail hair by Studio Maya, Joëlle texture by Valentin, My Shirt by Awful Soul, sandals by Rikugame. Thanks, all!

CR2, OBJ, JPG denim texture, RSR and PNG thumbnails. (519KB)

Jean_template.gif (66KB) - a template for the Jean, Jeanette and Minnie skirts.
Additional textures etc.
A texture / transmap set to replace the standard denim for a worn, frayed look. (181KB)

A bump map to simulate leather. Set the highlight colour to mid or light grey, and the highlight size to 90-95%. Choose the material colour to suit: for black, 90% grey is better, and for white, use about 10% grey. I used 50% red for the thumbnail render.

There are two versions: a corrected .BUM for use in Poser 4, and a JPG version for ProPack / Poser 5 / Poser 6. (513KB) (75.3KB)

In addition, any texture for Jean can be used.
Standard Poses
These are the poses I used to calculate the cloth morphs. They affect only the legs of the figure.

TIP: If you apply these poses to the skirt, they will simultaneously pose the skirt and the figure. Cunning, eh?

These are the same as the poses off the Della and Jean pages, there's no need to download them again. (115KB)
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