Kirwyn's Korner
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My apologies for the page title. I couldn't resist a bit of old-skool alliterative konsonant abuse. :P

Anyhow, this page is built to host Kirwyn's freebies. KEZ and KOZ have their own pages. You'll find Kirwyn's props, V4 items, and other non-K*Z related stuff here.


KOZ is KEZ's male counterpart, an original weight mapped male figure made for Poser 9, Poser Pro 2012 or later versions.

Follow this link, or click on the thumbnail to find out more, and to download.


KEZ is an all-original figure by Kirwyn, available in two versions to suit different Poser requirements. This page also hosts KEZ's add-ons such as clothing.

Follow this link, or click on the thumbnail to find out more, and to download.

Chess Set

A chess set including pieces modelled after the well-known Staunton Pattern, the official standard for tournament chess pieces. Also includes a chess board and textures for all props. (1.2MB)


Kirwyn says: "The original BosTer product had a long and profitable run, and I thank all those who purchased it. Rather than letting it collect dust, I decided to reconfigure the files for better ease of use, and to offer it for free. The new BosTer2 has only been tested in Poser 7, 8, and Pro 2010. I have included some pose files. Also included is a DAZ Mimic, custom DMC file that is compatible with the new files. My real Boston Terriers, Bruno and Rosie, are now 7 years old. I can't imagine life without them. I hope you enjoy their digital counterparts. Thank you." (9.1MB)

Pharoah's Tomb

Detailed, stylized depiction of a Pharoah's tomb. Prop includes backwall, floor, columns, base, texture maps, and a casket that swings open. For maximum detail, enable displacement maps in render settings. These files have ONLY been tested in Poser 7, 8, Pro 2010, and Pro 2012. PLEASE NOTE that because the textures make use of multiple maps and masks, some textures may not show correctly when first loaded. However, they will render properly. In my tests, this was a problem with Poser 8 and Pro 2010 when the files were called from an external Runtime. When the textures were placed in their respective internal Runtimes, the textures would then load correctly. But again, this should have no effect on the final rendered output. (16.6MB)

V4 Hair Proxy

Forget what you've heard about dynamic hair being difficult to work with. V4 Hair Proxy calculates hair collisions against a low-poly "proxy" figure which conforms to the figure, so simulations run quickly and are less likely to suffer from that tiresome "hair through the body" effect that can happen when colliding against the figure itself.

Here's a simple animation I did using the hair proxy (YouTube link). If I can do it, so can you!

Includes 2 hair styles with proxies. Please see the ReadMe file for all the details, and instructions for use. For Poser 5, 6, 7 and DAZ's Victoria 4 figure. (310KB)

EZ Casual V4

A Super-Conforming casual outfit for DAZ's Victoria 4 figure. See the enclosed ReadMe for instructions. (8.9MB)

V4 Cami02

An ultra-conforming camisole top for DAZ's Victoria 4 figure.

Just what is ULTRA-CONFORMING? Full Body Morphs can be set via a pose file to run in Automatic and Manual mode at the same time for more precise morphing control. Includes Top, Bottom and a whole lot of Morphs. Superior UVMapping with Template and one Texture included. See ReadMe for full Instructions. Tested in Poser 5, 6, and 7. (4.9MB)

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