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The freebies from Fyrespiryt's old site ( are shared here with her generous permission. You can also find a mirror of the wonderful Poser Freebie Bitch 'n' Moan Page, since I feel that the sentiments expressed therein should definitely be perpetuated on the Interwebz for the benefit and education of all. :)

Character Textures

Hexebus for The Freak

A character and texture set for DAZ's Freak (the original M3-based one, not any newer Freak...). (3.7MB)

Also, some bonus textures for Hexebus: displacement maps and a specular map to play with. Textures only; no MAT file. You'll have to set them up yourself. (2.7MB)

Salvatore for M3 (7.0MB)
Black Rose for V3

Includes a bonus skintone MAT to change her from a pale dhampyr to a normally-shaded human. (4.6MB)

Freckle-faced Computer Nerd for V3

Character and Full Texture Set for DAZ's Victoria 3 (Note: Some of the supporting textures are shared with Rumiko.) (4.0MB)

12 Textures for Blackhearted's Black Eyes

11 colored textures and one universal bump map. These also work on unimesh figures; some may need tweaking. (4.0MB)

Rumiko for V3

Character and Full Texture Set for Victoria 3. (4.8MB)

Michael Angelus for M3

Character and texture set for Michael 3. (10.9MB)

Calico Cat Girls

Posable tail, smart-prop whiskers, face file, and texture set for Vicky 1/2 and the Mil Kids. (3.3MB)

Hair Textures

Natural Fibers for Vairesh's Jupiter Hair (5.7MB)

Unimesh Clothing Conversions

M3 Adventurer

M3 conversion for DAZ's Adventurer set. (213KB)

V3 Adventurer

V3 conversion for DAZ's Adventurer set. (192KB)

V3 Pop Stars

V3 conversion for Vicky's tops from DAZ's Pop Star Set. (510KB)

V3 Dragon Huntress

V3 conversion for PhilC's Dragon Huntress. (668KB)

V3 Classical Wrap

V3 conversion for PhilC's Classical Wrap. (51KB)

V3 Gypsies & Genies

V3 conversion for DAZ's Gypsies & Genies. (342KB)

Clothing Textures

Shadow's Uniform

Shadow's uniform suit texture for Wusamah's "When Tomorrow Comes". (1.4MB)

Ichiro's Jeans

Jeans texture for Xena's Ichiro Bounty Hunter. (429KB)

Cyan Battle Knight

Cyan Battle Knight for BatLabs' Battle Knight Set. (3.2MB)

Gold and Steel for 3DWizard's Road Warrior Top

A gold and steel texture for only the top of the 3DWizard's Road Warrior outfit. Part of it was a weekly freebie at Poser Pros, and now it's available at DAZ. (2.6MB)

Tools for Clothing Developers


Posette and Dork Joint Setting Poses

A pose that sets all of the joint parameters in the figure it's applied to, intended to help people develop new clothing items for Posette and Dork. (69KB)

Gen 2 Joint Setting Poses

Similar to the Posette and Dork Poses, only for Mike 1/2, Victoria 1/2, and Stephanie 1. (63KB)

Mike 3 Tools

A null figure to prevent crosstalk, and a pose to connect JCMs when creating clothing. For Mike 3. (20KB)

Victoria 3 Tools

A null figure to prevent crosstalk, and a pose to connect JCMs when creating clothing. For Vicky 3. (21KB)

Quick Conform Helper

DAZ is hosting my tutorial on Creating Quick Conform poses, but there was a mixup and the little Visual Basic applet I use to speed up the process wasn't posted. Here it is. (Note that there's also a V3 joint centre setter for download on the tutorial page. -EB) (8.1KB)

Magnets to fit V2 clothes to V3

I could never get some parts quite right with these magnets. But, they're at least a start, so I'm offering these to anyone who wants them. (15KB)

Wha-huhs? (Or, everything else)

45 Minute Orca

A very quick set of morphs and textures for the Poser 4 dolphin. (179KB)

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