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His Shirt
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Shirt Download
An open shirt for Posette or other compatible figure. Since I have put the buttons on the man's side, we can assume that Posette finds her partner's shirts more comfortable... :-) Objaction mover is required, but full instructions are included in the readme file.

The buttons are modelled fully, down to the thread which may be separately coloured. A template is provided should you wish to make your own texture. Special thanks to Heidi for doing the UV mapping, and to Heidi and Krystalmoon for the textures and thumbnail images they made for the shirt. See below for textures to download.

The shirt includes morphs which mirror Posette's chest morphs (thanks to CodeTwister's Tailor). (647KB)
Textures by Heidi
A collection of textures for the shirt. These are .JPG format; to see the textures full size, just click on the link or the thumbnail. When the image finishes loading, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." or whatever the equivalent is in your browser. Right clicking won't work.
These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.
A texture and transparency to make a lace jacket. Shown here with a matching texture and transparency applied to the PoserWorld business skirt to make a suit. The skirt texture can probably be used with other skirts and dresses - but not with the Poser standard skirts.

laceshirtcolor.jpg (2000 x 2000, 431KB)
laceshirttrans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 241KB)
laceskirtcolor.jpg (2000 x 2000, 456KB)
laceskirttrans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 495KB)
A general purpose transparency and/or bump map, which can be used alone, with different material colours, or with other textures. As a transparency map, you should set the minimum and maximum transparency sliders to the same value; from 2-3% up to 100% as shown here.

SheerCrepe.jpg (1024 x 1024, 325KB)
Gotta have lace... :-)

This can also be used as a bump or transparency map, with the colour being set via the material dialogue.

Lace.jpg (1024 x 1024, 553KB)
A floral texture with matching transparency available separately.

SheerFloral.jpg (1024 x 1024, 152KB)
SheerFloralTrans.jpg (1024 x 1024, 165KB)
A linen effect with floral yoke.

LinenFloral.jpg (1024 x 1024, 245KB)
The future's bright...

OrangeFloral.jpg (1024 x 1024, 150KB)
Ribbon weave, with separate texture, bump map and transparency map.

RibbonWeaveTex.jpg (1024 x 1024, 103KB)
RibbonWeaveBump.jpg (1024 x 1024, 214KB)
RibbonWeaveTrans.jpg (1024 x 1024, 61KB)
A blue shirt with striped sleeves.

StripedSleeves.jpg (1024 x 1024, 202KB)
Textures by Krystalmoon
A collection of textures for the shirt, in ZIP format, with MAT poses included.
These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work. (154KB) (358KB) (181KB) (142KB) (145KB) (214KB) (184KB) (186KB) (133KB) (151KB)
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