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His 'n' Hers Shirts
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A man's shirt. It's made to fit DAZ's Michael 2, but a series of "pre-drape" versions mean that nearly anybody can borrow it: fits are included for Aiko 3, Poser 6's Jessi, Poser 5's Judy, Mike 2, Mike 3, Miki 2, Victoria 2, 3 and 4. If your favourite figure isn't included, it's easy to make a fitting for them using the basic shirt prop.

This is dynamic clothing, and so is only suitable for Poser 5 or higher. It includes preset soft and rigid decorated zones for easy simulation.

The shirt was based on Thip's Mike Jacket Base, and thanks are due to him for this invaluable resource.
Other items used in the render: Figure texture - Mayte by Vali; Flo Hair from this site; Ordinary Lingerie by BATlab.
My thanks to all!

Download: (1.4MB)

10 PP2s with thumbnails in PNG format; 10 geometries in OBJ format; combined transparency, bump and texture map; and a UV template.
• Index • Clothing • Hair • Morph targets • Props • Modelling props • Textures • Pictures • Utilities