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WooYah Freebies by Heidi
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Hosted by courtesy of Heidi, these props were originally made available at the WooYah forum, now sadly demised. Most have a seasonal/party nature, so get celebrating!

Fir Tree prop, with green and snowy textures. (445 KB)
Fully modelled Poinsettia props - there are separate red and white versions. (924 KB)
An alternative poinsettia - this one relies on transparency maps, and uses less polygons than the previous one. There's also a potted version. In .OBJ format, with a choice of green, pink, red or white leaf textures. (736 KB)
Sleigh in .OBJ format, with texture map. (135 KB)
Iris in .OBJ format, with a choice of lavender or purple textures. (272 KB)
Garden Furniture - a table and chair in .OBJ format. No textures (they don't really need them), but templates are included if you want to make some. James and Jessi are, of course, not included. (295 KB)
Christmas tree prop, complete with various levels of decoration which you can mix and match to taste. (919 KB)
Two pine bough props for your festive decorations. (1.45 MB)
Party props - balloon, cake (with separate greeting so you can subsitute your own) and party horn. As used in my image Hayley's Birthday (opens in a new window). (1.6 MB)
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