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Flo Hair for Antonia
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A version of the good old Flo Hair, updated to fit odf's free Antonia figure.

This version was converted and rigged for Antonia by Les Bentley with help from Bob1965.

Textures for the old version will work on this one, and BluEcho made some textures which will work on the old version too; they are hosted here with her kind permission.

The hair is superconforming, meaning it will automatically take up the settings of the figure to which you conform it, provided that figure is loaded first and is selected before the hair is loaded. There is an expanded range of morphs to provide fitting, tweaking and styling options.


- Modelling: English Bob
- UV mapping and texturing: Heidi
- Antonia conversion and rigging: Les Bentley
- DAZ|Studio assistance: Bob1965
- Promo jeans: Scheusal242
- Promo tank top: Little Dragon

Download here: (3.6MB)

BluEcho textures: (49MB)

• Index • Clothing • Hair • Morph targets • Props • Modelling props • Textures • Pictures • Utilities