Flo Hair Version 2.1
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Conforming long hair for Victoria 1 and 2, or Stephanie 1. It will also fit Victoria 3, Sara (1 or 2), Pre-teen girl, Posette or Maya Doll by using fitting poses which are included. There's a new version re-worked to fit Antonia: see the separate Flo Hair for Antonia download page for that.

Flo Hair does not conform properly to Victoria 1 or 2 when used in Poser versions 7 through (I think) 9. It works fine in versions 4 to 6, and in 10 and 11. The Victoria 3 fit seems to work in all versions, and you always have the option of parenting the hair rather than conforming it. I don't plan to fix the problem since not many people are still using V1/2, especially in earlier versions of Poser.

There are ten texture maps included, with MAT poses for applying them: Auburn, Black, Blue, Brown, Golden Blonde, Green, Grey, Honey Blonde, Midnight and Red. An add-on pack with 50 more is available - scroll down for that... You can also use the textures which BluEcho made for the Antonia version.


The main download - geometries, library files and textures:

flohair2_1.zip (2.66MB)

Textures by Wenke

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger preview.

50 additional textures for Flo Hair, with MAT files. With thanks to Wenke for making them available.

flohair2tex_wenke.zip (8.73MB)

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