Oro_snake's Felicity Hair
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Long conforming hair for DAZ's Victoria 4 - modelled and textured by oro_snake, rigged by me. Seven textures are included: black, blonde, brown, red, deep red, pink and purple, with MAT poses. An additional MAT pose is provided for Poser 4 users, which sets the hair to cartoon display mode so you can see it while you're posing the figure.

Download here: felicity.zip (5.5MB)

Scroll down for additional textures and morphs!

Morphs can be found in the neck section, and there are additional "ghost" body parts (Back, lBang, rBang) for further tweaking.

Rendering tip: if using Poser's FireFly renderer, check the remove backfacing polygons option to avoid artifacts. (Click on the screen shot to see it full size.)

Other things you can do to get better renders with any transmapped hair:

Alternatively, you can set the Normals Forward option in the material room for the hair. Thanks to fivecat for the screen shot.

Poser 5 doesn't have these options - but you can also try applying a little displacement, using the transmap as a source. This fix will also work in higher versions of Poser, of course: but make sure to enable displacement mapping in your render settings! Thanks to salterd for the screen shot - the units used here are feet, so you may need to adjust the displacement value for other units.

A fit for Hivewire's Dawn figure, by Leo Lee, is available at ShareCG - there's a Poser version and a DAZ|Studio version.

Textures by Blazerwiccan are available at ShareCG (5.9MB)

Additional Morphs by Salterd are available at Diane's Art Page (580KB)

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