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This is a "second skin" texture and prop set devised to produce a simple top for DAZ's Victoria 3 figure. It's an easy way to produce a skintight sweater, intended for background use or underneath a jacket. Close-up, it won't be very convincing.

You'll need Victoria 3, of course, and her body morph pack. The newer release of V3 SAE includes the ChestSpandex morph already, so depending on your usage you may be able to get away without the NavelGone morph.

The textures can also be used on Aiko 3, Stephanie 3 and Vicki 3 Reduced Resolution, but the morph injections won't work, and the props will need repositioning and / or scaling to fit Aiko or Steph.

Download includes texture (2500 x 3333), combined MAT and INJ pose, REM pose, additional MAT poses, and prop files for the roll neck and rolled-up sleeves.

Download: (1.01MB)

Other items used in the render: Jean skirt from this site, Evolution Eve texture by Orion1167, hair by DAZ.

• Index • Clothing • Hair • Morph targets • Props • Modelling props • Textures • Pictures • Utilities