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Donna Dress
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A close fitting dress for DAZ's Stephanie, with long sleeves and a high collar. It's ideal for applying transparency maps to create new styles; or it looks good in basic black. It will also fit Victoria 1 and 2 in many situations, but you will find some breakthrough, mostly at the back.

With thanks to Thip for the Quicksuit which was used to make part of the mesh, and to Heidi for doing the UV mapping, and the texture, bump and transparency maps.

Note that the skirt does not conform to any leg movements in the base figure. It is posed using morphs in the hip part; this means you get a more realistic appearance, including 'difficult' poses like sitting and walking. On the debit side, poses can be limited by the dress, and it may sometimes be better to adjust the figure slightly instead of trying to make the dress fit.

Basic Download
CR2 and OBJ; thumbnails in RSR and PNG format; and GIF texture template. (332KB)

Textures by SilverWyvern
Twenty four texture sets with MAT poses, made by SilverWyvern, are hosted at Sharecg.
Textures by Heidi

A collection of textures and transparencies made by Heidi, with thanks. Each design is a set consisting of texture, bump map and transparency map, zipped up together for easy installation.

These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.

A '60s style bib dress - apply colour to taste using the materials dialogue or the paintpot tool. (821KB)
A '60s mod style outfit. Groovy, baby! (216KB)
Another retro style dress, both loud and cute. :) (218KB)
A dress with a plunge neckline (and back, too). (347KB)
A short sequinned cocktail dress - shown here with a reflection map applied for extra shinyness. If you do this, tick both "Multiply through lights" and "Multiply through material". Otherwise, the transparent parts will be shiny as well. (438KB)
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