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Della Skirt
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Named after Perry Mason's secretary Della Street, this is a slim fitting knee length skirt for DAZ's Victoria 1, Victoria 2 and Stephanie. Notice the realistic folds and drape in the cloth. How can a conforming skirt give results like these? Is it dynamic cloth?

No, it isn't dynamic cloth - it can be used in Poser 4. It isn't fully conforming either.

This is what I call "pseudo-dynamic" clothing. It conforms to the figure's hip and abdomen, but not to the legs. It follows the legs in two ways, which may be combined:

1: Pre-computed cloth morphs in the hip are calculated using Poser 5's cloth room, to drape over a selection of standardised leg poses. Remember: you don't need Poser 5 or 6, I've done the dynamic cloth work already. The leg poses I used can be downloaded further down this page.

2: A "body handle" which controls the skirt. When you open Della in Poser, you'll see a green 'S' which is the handle - select it and try the dials. The 'S' is really transparent, so it won't show up in your render.

The advantages you can see - it looks very realistic - but there are disadvantages too. It's hard to animate, and you get the best results with the standard poses. For these reasons, Della is also still available in the original fully conforming version. UV mapping is the same for both versions, so you can use the same textures.

With thanks to Heidi for doing the texture and transparency maps, and for some of the morph targets which were made using UVmapper's vertex displacement feature.
Thanks also to ockham for the morph precision setting script, which was effective in reducing the size of the CR2 file.

Download version 2
CR2, OBJ, RSR and PNG thumbnails.

Now fixed - so that it actually works... (1.04MB)
Download version 1
CR2, OBJ, RSR and PNG, texture template. (537KB)
Standard Poses
These are the poses I used to calculate the cloth morphs. They affect only the legs of the figure.

TIP: If you apply these poses to the skirt, they will simultaneously pose the skirt and the figure. Cunning, eh? (115KB)
A collection of textures and transparencies. These are .JPG format; to see the textures full size, just click on the link or the thumbnail. When the image finishes loading, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." or whatever the equivalent is in your browser. Right clicking won't work.
These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.
A blue gingham check, by Heidi.

BlueGingham.jpg (2000 x 2000, 441KB)
A houndstooth check with front buttons, by Heidi. Hound not included.

Texture file: ButtonFront_color.jpg (2000 x 2000, 305KB)
Bump map for Pro Pack or Poser 5: ButtonFront_bump.jpg (2000 x 2000, 296KB)
Corrected bump map for Poser 4: (2000 x 2000, 1.97MB)

Why do I need a corrected bump map?
A businesslike pinstripe (by me) which has been exaggerated slightly to make it show up better in Poser renders (shown here in close-up). Thanks to Mazak for the zipper.

ChalkStripe.jpg (1024 x 1024, 304KB)
A bump map by Heidi, shown here with the colour set through the material dialogue. I haven't done a corrected version (although you can make your own if you follow this tutorial) since it doesn't make much difference on this one.

ChamiseSkirt_bump.jpg (2000 x 2000, 486KB)
A bump map by me, which gives the appearance of seams; can be used on its own or with any other texture.

Bump map for Pro Pack or Poser 5: Seams_bump.jpg (1024 x 1024, 32.8KB)
Corrected bump map for Poser 4: (1024 x 1024, 35.7KB)

Why do I need a corrected bump map?
A swirly pattern by Heidi; for those swirly days.

Swirl.jpg (2000 x 2000, 577KB)
A bright texture by Heidi which matches the tiered ruffles morph (version 1 only). Shown here with the matching texture for the Morphed Polo.

WildSkirt.jpg (2000 x 2000, 46.5KB)
A transparency by Heidi which works nicely with the tiered ruffles morph (version 1 only). May also be used as a bump map.

WeddingSkirt_trans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 664KB)
Texture and transparency by Heidi to make a lacy slip, shown here with a matching set for the bikini from DAZ's Victoria Clothing Set 1 to make a bra and panties.

Skirt texture: laceskirtcolor.jpg (2000 x 2000, 457KB)
Skirt transparency: laceskirttrans.jpg (2000 x 2000, 495KB)
Panties texture: LaceBottom_color.jpg (998 x 998, 211KB)
Panties transparency: LaceBottom_trans.jpg (998 x 998, 75.9KB)
Bra texture: LaceBra_color.jpg (1006 x 1005, 165KB)
Bra transparency: LaceBra_trans.jpg (1006 x 1005, 83.0KB)
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