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Tower Crane by Spacebones
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This is Spacebones' Tower Crane Model, rigged to operate in Poser. Thanks are due to Spacebones himself for the modelling, and to Bagginsbill for the procedural materials.

The crane has been rigged so that the jib will rotate, and the hook will traverse and raise/lower. All the dials you need to operate it are situated in the Crane body part. The cabin's windscreen wiper will also move. Things which weren't a separate group in the original model, such as the control levers, have not been rigged. I'm not that obsessed.

All material zones have been given procedural material settings, and for this reason will only work completely accurately in Poser 6 or later - possibly in P5, I haven't checked. All zones also have basic UV mapping so that generic texture maps for things like rust etc. can be easily applied if you want.

Download: (14.1 MB)

NOTE: the crane is scaled full size for Poser people - it's over 150 feet / 46 metres high, and hence can be difficult to navigate around. I've provided a few basic camera presets to get you started.

There are also a couple of poses should you wish to put an operator in the cabin: one for Predatron's Lo-Res Male, and one for Poser 6 James. I believe these should be easy to tweak to suit any other human figure (dinosaurs are notoriously scared of heights and are not suitable for employment as crane operators).

The mesh has 617,690 polygons and may tax a poorly specified computer; or, more accurately, tax the patience of the owner of said poorly specified computer. However if the crane does cause your PC to burst into flames, unlikely as that may be, I can accept no responsibility.

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