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The Country Shirt
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Preview Image
Here's an image I made while trying out the shirt model.
Also used: Low resolution Victoria 2 P4; Kozaburo's Alice Hair; Jeans texture by Mike Kuykendall and Foxhollow; backdrop from Nerd3D with picture from PoserWorld.
Shirt Download
A casual shirt for Posette, based on the Poser 4 women's polo shirt. Objaction mover is required, but full instructions are included in the readme file.

There are five materials defined, so that variations can be achieved without the need for a texture map; but a template is provided should you wish to make your own texture. Special thanks to Heidi for doing the UV mapping, and for the textures she made for the shirt. See below for textures to download.

The shirt includes morphs which mirror Posette's chest morphs (thanks to CodeTwister's Tailor).

The knot is a separate prop, parented to the shirt's abdomen. It is therefore easy to scale, move or remove it; you can also store it in your props library for use elsewhere. There are morphs provided to move the ends of the knot, so they don't sink into the figure, and the knot is UV mapped so that it will take the same map as the main shirt. (310KB)
A collection of textures for the country shirt. These are .JPG format; to see the textures full size, just click on the link or the thumbnail. When the image finishes loading, right click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." or whatever the equivalent is in your browser. Right clicking won't work.
These are free for personal or commercial renders, but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.
An animal print texture map, by Heidi.

CountryShirtAnimals.jpg (245KB)
A utilitarian brown check, by me.

CountryShirtBrownCheck.jpg (197KB)
A denim texture with gingham trim, by Heidi.

CountryShirtDenim.jpg (207KB)
A pretty floral print, by Heidi.

CountryShirtFloral.jpg (360KB)
A red gingham texture by Heidi.

CountryShirtGingham.jpg (267KB)
An agricultural theme, made by me with Paint Shop Pro.

CountryShirtHarvest.jpg (164KB)
Heidi's plaid (tartan) texture.

CountryShirtPlaid.jpg (232KB)
A work-worn denim texture taken from one of my own shirts.

CountryShirtDenim2.jpg (162KB)
A bump map for use with any of the textures, to give a knitted texture to the undershirt. Made by Heidi.

CountryShirtKnitBump.jpg (119KB)
Heidi's very attractive lace transparency map for the undershirt. Tell Posette not to wear this one when loading straw! Can also be used as a bump map.

CountryShirtLaceTrans.jpg (115KB)
A simple transmap for the undershirt neckline.

CountryShirtTrans1.jpg (23KB)
A simple transmap for the undershirt neckline.

CountryShirtTrans2.jpg (21KB)
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