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A home for Catamaran's work, hosted here with permission (see this thread from the old DAZ forums for details).

December 2012: Catamaran (aka Cigany), known in real life as Peter Koever, had previously been reported on this page as having died in 2009. Since then it's been brought to my attention that he is still listed as missing on the Northern Territories Police website, and that he was last heard from in June 2010.

Peter is not in any trouble, but the police want to know what has happened to him. If you have any information (or if you are Peter Koever!) you can contact them on the number given at the link - or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

These models are for non-commercial use only, and are offered without support. Note that many of them are large (in polygon density terms) and may prove taxing for lesser-specified computers.

There are one or more example pictures for most of the downloads, being the best way of describing what it is you'll be getting. Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size version.

Black Widow MKIII

The latest addition to the Black Widow range - now with even more everything. :) Beware - it's a BIG download!

BlackWidowMKIIIPrincess.rar (95.0MB)

Black Widow MKII

An adaptable fantasy motorcycle. (63.6MB)

Cosmic Messenger

An alien plant? You decide...

Cosmic_Messenger.rar (11.3MB)

Leafy Sea Dragon

This is a real creature, amazingly - my thanks to the correspondent who wrote in to let me know. You can read more at the ubiquitous Wikipedia (link opens in a new window or tab). (9.6MB)

Morphing Environments

Two high resolution morphing terrain props. Thumbnails rendered in DAZ|Studio 4.6 by Halfdragon - with thanks!

Koe_Enviro.rar (9.0MB)


An alien creature. (20.3MB)


Two inner/outer space creatures: U-Gene and Virus. (28.9MB)


A sci-fi teleporter. You'll need M3 and RTEncoder.

Plasmagram.rar (11.0MB)


An updated version of the Plasmagram (above) which works with M3 or V3.

Plasmacom.rar (17.7MB)

Road Gypsy MKII

An adaptable fantasy motorcycle.

RoadGypsyMKII.rar (29.4MB)


An adaptable fantasy motorcycle.

Shaguar.rar (26.9MB)


A multi-purpose, um, shape shifting prop... (6.6MB) - UPDATED 12 Feb 2009 with the missing Atom Fluff11 texture


Second version of the Shapeshifter. (16.0MB) - UPDATED 12 Feb 2009 with the missing Atom Fluff11 texture

Station X

A space station.

StationX.rar (10.3MB)

Swamp Dragon

A fantasy creature.

SwampDragon.rar (16.2MB)


A selection of... Symbols.

Symbols.rar (833KB)

Symbols Expansion

An expansion for the Symbols pack.

SymbolsExpansion.rar (230KB)


An alien sea creature (YMBOOYM stands for "You Must Be Out Of Your Mind", apparently... (11.6MB)

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