Butterfly Dress
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Two dresses for DAZ's Victoria 3; one long, one short. For each dress, there's a dynamic version for use in Poser 5 or later; and a conforming version, courtesy of Salashin, which will work in Poser 4 (or Figure Artist) and in DAZ|Studio. All versions share the same UV mapping and can use the same textures. The butterfly brooch and choker are smart props, and are in a separate ZIP so you don't have to download them twice.


The dresses were made using my QuickDress.
Other items used in the render: Figure texture - Mayte by Vali; Flo Hair from this site.
The boots shown with the short dress are an early version of the Nancy Boots; the shoes under the long dress are from DAZ's High Heels pack.
My thanks to Salashin for the conforming version, to all who contributed textures, and those who offered encouragement on the forum!

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Dynamic dresses: butterfly_P5_6_7.zip (604KB)

Conforming dresses: butterfly_P4_DS.zip (1.6MB)

Choker and brooch: butterfly_accessories.zip (76KB)

Texture templates: butterfly_templates.zip (637KB)

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Three simple textures by me; another one inspired by Piet Mondrian's Composition in Red Yellow and Blue, and two bold monochrome prints. Textures only, to be applied using the material controls in Poser or DAZ|Studio. The Butterfly Dress has only two material zones, so I can't really justify making MAT poses for them. :)

Download: butterfly_englishbob.zip (1.9MB)

Five retro-inspired textures from GoldenThrush, including transparency and bump maps. Includes MC6 material collections for Poser 6 or higher; and PZ2 MAT poses for the conforming dresses (and the dynamic ones if you parent them first).

Download: butterfly_goldenthrush.zip (13.9MB)

A butterfly texture from DraagonStorm, including MAT poses. Hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Butterfly-Dress-Texture-001 (2MB)

A peacock butterfly texture from DraagonStorm, including MAT poses. Hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Butterfly-Dress-Texture-002 (2.15MB)

A dozen velvet textures from DraagonStorm, including MAT poses. Hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Butterfly-Dress-Velvet-Textures (6.29MB)

Four textures by Arialgr for the short dress, and also for the Faerie Dreams free Flutterby Wings (details in the readme file). Includes MAT poses for both Poser and DAZ|Studio. Hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Butterfly-Dress-Textures---Short-Dress (14.7MB)

Three textures by alymac, hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

V3-Butterfly-Dress-textures (2.87MB)

Three textures by alymac for the short dress, and also for the DAZ Faery Wings Deluxe; hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Butterfly-Faeries (2.25MB)

Two textures by oro_snake for both dresses; hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Vibrant-Butterflies (3.39MB)

Five gothic textures with transmaps for the long dress by SilverWyvern; hosted at ShareCG (opens in new window).

Gothic-Butterfly (28.9MB)

Six sparkly "holiday bling" textures for either dress, made by Carolyn McComas (aka Ratmomma). Choose from 4th July, Christmas, Halloween, MardiGras, St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day. Something for every occasion!

ratmomma_butterfly.zip (10.1MB)

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Simulation tips for the dynamic dresses

The ends of the sleeves - roughly equivalent to V3's forearms - are assigned to a separate dynamic zone called (with breathtaking originality) "Sleeves". This is set to have a cloth density of 0.05 as opposed to the default 0.005 adopted by the remainder of the dress. This high density region helps the sleeves to drape properly when simulated. I'm not sure if this information is read by Poser 5, so you may wish to add it manually for best results.

I'd advise having plenty of frames after the figure's final pose, to allow the sleeves time to settle. For the preview image on this page, I set up a 50 frame simulation, with the figure in her final pose at frame 10.

If you're using the Butterfly brooch, make sure that it's deselected in the cloth room's "collide against" list. It will be selected by default because of being parented to V3, and this will cause the cloth simulation to try to pull the dress over the front of the butterfly, with hilarious (but unwelcome) results... :D

Posing tips for the conforming dresses

The dresses use differing approaches to the challenge of posing a conforming dress. The long dress contains morphs in the hip section, which are intended to pose the skirt portion to fit various leg movements such as walking and sitting etc. The short dress conforms to the figure's buttocks only. If your pose involves bending the thighs also, you may need to select the dress's buttock parts and tweak them manually. The long dress has four body handles: left and right thighs and shins. The short dress has them only for the thighs of course.

There are two body morphs (look in the body section of the dress) which control the sleeves so they drape when the arms are down by the figure's side.

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