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Becky is a '70s inspired outfit of skirt, combined sweater and blouse, and belt designed to fit DAZ's Victoria 3 figure. There's a great selection of textures which have been generously contributed to the project.

The top and skirt are conforming, and should work in all versions of Poser and probably DAZ|Studio as well - I've tested it in Poser 4 and 6 only.

The belt is a smart prop, which will automatically "snap" to the abdomen part of the top, providing it's selected before you load it. There's a morph to make the end loose; other than that, fitting can be done using the scale dials.

The top has a good selection of figure morphs which match V3's, all accessed through the BODY actor. There are also some fitting morphs in the abdomen body part, to help the sweater to sit over the skirt. The NoBelt morph is not very good, but it may be better than nothing. :-)

The skirt may be posed using either the body handles, and/or the morphs which are designed to fit a series of standardised poses. The sitting down morphs have been calculated to include the chair, for optimum realism. If you have Poser 5 or later, the skirt may also be simulated in the cloth room.

Download: (1.5MB)


The figure in the preview is V3 Reduced Resolution with the Mayte texture by Vali, and Neftis' Mode Hair. The boots are my Nancy Boots. The textures are available further down the page.

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IMPORTANT TIP: To simulate the "cinched in" effect of the belt, the clothing has been modelled with the figure's WaistNarrow body morph set to 1.000, and you should do the same in order for it to fit properly.

If you don't have the body morphs pack, you can set V3's abdomen invisible instead.

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Ten textures for each of the skirt and top, hosted here by kind permission of, and with thanks to chohole. (13.6MB)

Twelve texture sets for skirt, belt and top, with thanks to AnnaXLA1 - download from her Deviant Art page.

Four mix 'n' match texture sets for the skirt and top, and two for the belt, with thanks to Silver Wyvern - download from ShareCG.

Three fall textures for each of the skirt, belt and top, with thanks to Carolyn McComas (aka Ratmomma). (2.6MB)

I meant to make some belt textures - mainly because it needs a transmap so that the eyelet holes can be seen through - but I went ahead and made a texture set for the rest of the outfit too.

These include material collection (MC6) files for use in Poser 6 and above, but with a little work you can use them in earlier versions, or in DAZ|Studio.

The set includes a bump map, texture map and transparency map for the belt, along with a reflection map for the buckle and eyelets; altogether there are six material collections to choose from, and you can mix, match and recolour to make your own original ones. There's a texture for the skirt and the blouse, and the sweater is a bump map only, so you can colour it to suit your own taste. (448KB)

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