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Pointing to a Different .OBJ File
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This is what to do if you want to put your .obj file somewhere else, or if you've created a new version by editing it.

First find your .CR2 file (or it may be .HR2 or .PP2) - for guidance, see the File Disposition Guide. Then open it up in your chosen text editor. Here it is in Programmer's File Editor:

The first line you want is this one:

figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:dir:mesh.obj

Notice how the backslash character [\] used in Windows path names is replaced by a colon [:] which is the Macintosh convention.

The dir:mesh bit is the important bit, and this is the part you need to edit to suit your new path and/or name.

Hang on! Not finished yet! This figureResFile line is repeated further down in the file, and both must be identical or Poser will do weird stuff. Copy the line you just edited, search for the other figureResFile, and paste your copy over the top of it. That way, if you've made a mistake at least it will be consistent :-)

That's it. If you're making a new item, don't forget to "Save As" and give your file a different name.

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