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Editing the Materials List
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This is what to do if you want to alter your materials list. When Poser loads a new file, any materials which are not defined are given random settings. This behaviour can be used to re-make your character file if you've altered the material assignments in the .OBJ file for instance.

First find your .CR2 file (or it may be .HR2 or .PP2) - for guidance, see the File Disposition Guide. Then open it up in your chosen text editor. Now you want to navigate waaay down, almost to the bottom, until you find the first instance of the word "material". It will look like this excerpt from the nude woman .CR2, except that the material names may be different of course.

When selecting a material, be sure to include the material line along with everything between the brackets, like this:

This is what I meant about balancing the brackets. Having an opening bracket without its corresponding closing bracket, or vice versa, is A Bad Thing and will cause Poser to do nasty stuff.

Now you can delete one, none, many or all of the materials as you see fit. When you get down to the bottom of the materials list, if the item is an old one from the days of Poser3, there will be an equal number of lines starting with presetMaterial. If you're using the item in Poser 3, only delete the lines which correspond to material lines that you've deleted. For Poser 4, they can all go since they're no longer used.

Now you can save your file, under a different name if in any doubt. When you open it in Poser, it will come up with a weird selection of colours of its own making, hardly any of which will be what you wanted. No matter. Go through the material properties editor, set colours and highlights and anything else to your liking, and save the character back into the library. All done!

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