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Making a Master .CR2
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The .CR2 file is what Poser uses to control how posable figures work - it holds information on body parts, their relationships, morphs and materials. So if you want to make your own figures or clothes, or modify other people's, one of the things you'll need to do is generate a .CR2 file. An easy way to do this is to use a so-called Master CR2, which is basically a stripped-down version of one of the standard figure .CR2s.

All you need to do then is to make this file point to the .OBJ you've prepared, as described here.

This technique can also be used to fix Poser 4 clothes which won't work in Poser 3. It isn't always successful, but it's worth a try.

There are two steps involved - removing the materials list so that a new one can be generated; and removing the morph targets. In fact neither of these is strictly necessary, you could just use the figure .CR2 as it was, but stripping it out first is tidier.

If you don't remake the materials list, there will be unwanted materials in there which will confuse you later. If you leave inappropriate morphs intact, nothing bad will happen, but your file will be larger than it needs to be and there will be non-working dials cluttering up your workspace.

You might think that it would be necessary for your .CR2 to have the right body parts in it, but in fact one with everything is good enough. That's why we choose a file from one of the nude figures as a starting point - you can use anything as long as it has at least the same body parts as the figure you want to make or fix. Any parts referenced in the .CR2 but not present in the .OBJ will just be ignored by Poser - it's quite tolerant that way.

First remove all the materials from the file, as described in Editing the materials list.

Make sure to save your file under a different name: don't overwrite the original figure file!

Next, use Morph Manager to delete all the morphs from each body part. If you're making a Vicki or Mike master, this could take a while; but if you miss one or two it won't matter too much. You can now save the result and keep it safe as your master .CR2 for that figure. If you're doing this to "fix" a piece of Poser 4 clothing, you may want to transfer any morphs from the clothing .CR2 while you have Morph Manager open. You will also want to make it point to the correct .OBJ using your text editor.

Now open it in Poser, it will come up with a weird selection of colours of its own making, hardly any of which will be what you wanted. No matter. Go through the material properties editor, set colours and highlights and anything else to your liking, and save the character back into the library. All done!

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