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Images made primarily with Poser. The newest images are at the top of the page. I've cleared out most of the old Poser 4 and earlier stuff since it isn't representative (I'm not entirely sure what is, but no matter).

Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image, which will open in a new window.


(2011; Poser 7, Paint Shop Pro 7)

Flames: from free PSD by Pewter7
Smoke: from free TIFF by megaionstorm
Background: Urban Ruins by Stonemason
Hero: Michael 2 Low Res, MEC4D's Leonardo texture, Neftis' Mature Mark hair, clothes by PhilC
Damsel in Distress: Stephanie 3 Petite, Marieah's Down 'n' Dirty texture, Sapphire Fox Hair by Quarker, dress by me with texture including LaurieA's floral tile

With thanks to the knowledgeable folks in the Renderosity Critique Forum who helped me to get it right.

See a bigger version here (1280 x 800, 112KB).

In These Shoes?

(2010; Poser 7)

I was playing around with poses and expressions, and this combination reminded me of the cover of Roxy Music's first album. Then I put her on top of Aery Soul's free rock, and that made me think of the line from Kirsty MacColl's In These Shoes?:

I once met a man with a sense of adventure
He was dressed to thrill wherever he went
He said "Let's make love on a mountain top
Under the stars on a big hard rock"
I said "In these shoes?
I don't think so"
I said "Honey, let's do it here."

Let's just say it's an image with a multitude of influences and leave it there. :)

See a bigger version here (1312 x 1000, 280KB).

Chic Boots by Idler168, Other clothes by 3D Universe; Kishka Hair by SWAM and Zachrael2002.

Rock and grasses by Aery Soul, Desert from the DAZ Native Cheyenne Village.

Your Gold Dress

(2010; Poser 6, PostworkShop Pro 1.1)

I wanted to play with Poser's dynamic hair feature, and ended up making a complete animation which you can find at YouTube. On one hand, it's impressive that you can do all this hair and cloth simulation on a 600 quid laptop - but on the other, it's still a long way off reality. Even if I was skilled in the art.

Rendering was in Poser 6 (Poser 7 messed up the cloth simulation) and Postwork was with PostworkShop. The Pro version has a batch processing feature which is kind of essential here.

I used Kirwyn's Hair Proxy, and the dress is one I made myself with a gold lamé shader by bagginsbill, who also provided the stocking shader for Victoria 4's legs. The dance sequence itself is from Aragon Studios at

Paid-for items include the skin texture (Rebelmommy's Tharyn) and the boots (Idler168's Chic Boots), both from the DAZ store.


(2010; Poser 7, PostworkShop Pro 1.1, Paint Shop Pro 7)

Yes, I know the foot prints are aliased (they have the jaggies). I couldn't seem to fix that, but the rest of the picture worked out well.

See a bigger version here (1024 x 1024, 59KB).

Boots: Bossy Boots by Headkase, an excellent freebie.

Jeans from the Everyday set at DAZ.

Pandora Dress (used as a shirt) by Cocco, from Poser Addicts.

Penny Hair by Lady Littlefox, from RDNA.

Radioactive Cats

(2004; Poser 4 and 5)

Inspired by Sandy Skoglund's 1980 "set-up" photograph of the same name which you can see on her site.

Her cats were moulded in plaster and "posed" with two of her neighbours - but this seemed an ideal subject for 3D graphics.

See a bigger version here (1280 x 1024, 122KB).


(2004; Poser 4, Celestia and Paint Shop Pro 7)

In an infinite universe, everything that is possible is not merely likely, it is compulsory. You've heard of Ringworld, you've heard of Discworld, maybe you know about Dyson spheres; now see Cubeworld...

The personal shuttlecraft of the Grand Nxgd of Wrqkmzj approaches the fabled freeport of Cubeworld. If you can't buy it here, it doesn't exist.

See a close-up of cubeworld here.

Dystopia City Blocks modelled by Moebius87, converted to Poser by Jon Lynn; Spacecraft by Leo Pfeifenberger, from 3D Cafe; Background made in Celestia.


(2004; Poser 4, Paint Shop Pro 7 and Virtual Painter)

Inspired by The Missing Man by Jack Vettriano, one of my favourite artists. I've not gone for an exact copy, just tried to capture the composition and feel.

There's a bigger version here. (1280 x 960, 143KB)

Low resolution Vickis and Mike; clothes from PoserWorld, ISOP and standard P4; umbrellas by Teppan; DAZ flip hair; male hair remap by Kozaburo. Considerable compositing and postwork in Paint Shop Pro 7, including the Virtual Painter oil paint plug-in.

Sea Chase

(2003; Poser 4 and Paint Shop Pro 7)

A composite using one of the underwater photographs from my picture download page.

Sea Dragon by DAZ3D; fantasy submarine by Helmut Schaub; jellyfish by Zippo (Laboratory 108).

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