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Pictures made without 3D software, including photographs taken from unusual angles, photo-manipulations, and mistreatment of digital imaging devices. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image, which will open in a new window.

Oliver Cromwell Heads North

After taking on water, BR Standard 70013 Oliver Cromwell accelerates North on her way to Lincoln with Rail Touring Company's Lindum Fayre special on 3rd December 2011.

I took the photo at Holme level crossing on the East Coast main line just South of Peterborough, with a Panasonic DMC-TZ3 compact. The overhead wires were removed in Paint Shop Pro to make a cleaner picture; 70013's exhaust had already done most of the work.

The original photo can be seen here.

See a bigger version suitable as desktop wallpaper here (1920 x 1200, 186KB).

This was a wine glass on our kitchen floor, photographed from above.
Inside the Wave
It's the wine glass again, with some blue jelly in it.
Glowing Celestial Orb
This is a photograph of a recorder - from the inside. :-)
Chromium Plated Tractor Seat
No tricks, it really IS a chromium plated tractor seat. Photographed on a trendy exhibition stand.
Alien Moonrise
I spent a happy evening trying to photograph the head on our Canon scanner whilst it was scanning, using an Agfa digital camera. This was the best result - I think I used only the camera image for this, and added some rays in Paint Shop Pro.
Once You Pop
I moved a Pringles container along the scanner bed, roughly in step with the head. The resulting image was then subject to everything that Paint Shop Pro could throw at it, including the kaleidoscope and collage filters.
Self Portrait (Mosaic Version)
As the scanner was scanning, I put my hands and face on the glass and took them off again. No other parts of my body were involved, I promise. :-)
This version was then processed in Paint Shop Pro's mosaic filter.
Self Portrait (Pastel Version)
Using the same scanned image as before, this one was passed through the Virtual Painter pastel filter.
The Woodpecker
One morning, we found a woodpecker sitting on our half dead plum tree; the camera's zoom couldn't get close enough. The resulting print was scanned, enhanced and exaggerated in Paint Shop Pro 7.
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